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    Thanks for reply.
    looking forward for your data.connection mod ;)
  2. restorring formatting is easy: Everytime field is loaded it passes through a "renderer" function which does the formatting. It knows keywords and styles. All has to do is replace "matching text" with...
  3. I have some interesting case here.
    TextArea or HtmlEditor (lets call itTextBox) values are loaded and saved to db in plaintext format.
    I DONT want to save html in db. Or at least don't want to...
  4. I try to use associated models with grid filter feature.

    associated models load (good).
    Grid loads also (good)
    Grid loads filtered data matching parent model id (good).

    On the loaded grid...
  5. I suggest to add this method to
    It could be useful for doing stuff in case sync is need or not.

    needsSync: function () {
    var me = this;
  6. though found another bug not that critical but still exists:

    when both plugins are used, rows/fields with modified records are not being marked with the red triangle. though its cosmetic bug still...
  7. found solution. easy. change the order of plugins :)

    xtype: 'grid',
    plugins: [

    ptype: 'rowexpander',
  8. I am using 4.1 stable and the problem persists. Would love to get a solution for this w/o hacking ext-all.js

    an option would be injecting check for editor existance or field data before calling...
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    Thanks for quick reply.

    thats exactly what i am doing now. 2 calls upload of file on success event of save() call.
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    i have same issue with my app. mvc + fileupload produce dirty workarounds.
    any suggestion on this topic for an easy clean solution? the best would be to have image data posted with the record on...
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    there is no problem with standalone form. form.submit() and all solved. BUT!
    what if form does not get submitted at all?

    Ext.Application pattern recommends following:
    r = App.Model.SomeModel;...
  12. Config:
    * Create FormPanel with text fields.
    * Make form to have several text fields.
    * Set one text field (e.g. 'FullText') to have allowBlank: false

    * FormPanel gets created...
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