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  1. I am using 4.5.1.

    You're right, the class jquery.q/extends jquery stuff was a hack to get q to appear. Now that I've added the dummy @class jQuery, that works correctly with just a member tag

  2. Took a shot in the dark and added
    * @class jQuery
    * jQuery library is documented here <>

    which seems to have solved the problem.
  3. Ran into a new one trying to document some jQuery extensions. I'm not including the jQuery lib in my jsDuck config, but I am doing

    * @class
    * @extends jQuery
  4. Great I think I've got everything covered now.

    Thanks for your help.
  5. I've resolved the commenting issue by switching the format to the following:

    * @return {String} the modified string.
    ' foobar'.replaceAll('o', '-'); // returns "f--bar"
  6. Making some progress trying to reformat my comments, but still running into some issues:
    1) Can extensions to base objects (e.g. String, Array) be shown under something other than 'global' - with or...
  7. Great. I'll give that a shot when I return from the holiday.
  8. Doh! Didn't even think of that.

    I'm working with legacy-non Ext code and having a lot of trouble getting it to properly doc global functions. It seems to want to put the methods into prior...
  9. Just getting around to converting my old jsdoc stuff to jsduck and I'm looking for more info as to what can be passed in via the config json file.

    I have this, but I'm wondering what other options...
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    Please stop reposting the same thread - moderation is on.
  11. Don't believe this is a Sencha issue and I can confirm seeing the scrolling problems in numerous other non-Sencha based sites since FF 13 came out.
  12. This would seem to be an issue of poor code organization - it shouldn't matter wether your code is broken into multiple files or 1 file - 100 lines or 10,000 lines.

    What does matter is that the...
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    Nothing to do with ExtJs - suggest you find a Tomcat support forum.
  14. Closing this ancient thread - direct 4.x performance issues to the current threads in the 4.x forums please.
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    Please don't post the same question to multiple forums.

    Not sure how that meta tag will be recognized - you could run one of the examples with that and see what 'ie..' classes it applies to BODY.
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    Further beta discussion directed to the beta 2 thread.
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    There are a number of more current threads regarding 4.x performance. Please use those.
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    Nobody can help you if that's the kind of information you're going to provide.

    First make sure you're using Ext3.4, which was released to deal with IE9. Then if you're having problems, post...
  19. Frankly, I'm not getting the 'warm & fuzzies' that this question is being fairly answered.

    The policy has always been the current & prior versions are supported.

    To my knowledge, it has never...
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    If you are using Ext 3.4, which was released to include support for IE9, and are encountering issues, please submit a bug report.
  21. You are correct Ext 2.3 was released before IE9 and since it's no longer supported, you're going to have to manage any issues you find. Ext 3.4 was released to support IE9, so you could look at the...
  22. I don't think anybody is going to pull all that information together for you. The answers to your questions don't exist in a single cohesive document.

    In addition to the above link, I suggest you...
  23. I'm guessing it will 'run'. That's not to say you won't run into rendering issues. You'd probably want to look at what changed from 3.3 to 3.4 for IE9 support to see if you'd need to make similar...
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    Please post in the correct forum and do not repost the same question across multiple forums.
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    If does not answer your question, please use the contact form on that page to ask for further clarification wrt your situation.
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