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  1. When cells in an ExtJS GridPanel or EditorGridPanel contain more data than they can display, users have to resize columns.
    Is there a way to have the GridPanel automatically expand the width and...
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    I got it - combo.getStore().data.
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    I have a Combobox in form.
    I want to get an array of the options in the Combo box.
    What's the best way to do that?

    I assumed there would be a nice combo.getOptions() method, or that I could get...
  4. A bit more info...

    For Tooltips created in the regular way, Ext.Tip#afterRender gets fired and it this that adds the close buitton if colsable is true.
    However, this event is never fired for...
  5. The docs and examples for Ext.QuickTips/Ext.ToolTip say of the closable config:
    "True to render a close tool button into the tooltip header"

    However, when the Tip is applied to a TreeNode this...
  6. I removed the typeAhead:true config from the ComboBox and the bahavior went away.
    (That's not right though!)
  7. I have a EditorGridPanel and columns with ComboBoxs.

    Just noticed that if I three options, say...
    ...and Mouse is the saved value, then when I click the dropdown, my field gets...
  8. Very odd one.

    I have a grid and so long as at least one of the columns has an Ext.form.TextField editor, edits to the grid result in store's beforewrite, beforesave events firing.

    However, if...
  9. I'm using EditorGridPanels on dynamically generated web pages. ExtJS does not control the ViewPort.

    When I wrap the Grid generation code in Ext.onReady(), the grids render perfectly.
    If I do not...
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    This does what I need...

    // add blank record to store (and this blank rows to grid)
    for(var i = (5 - storeCount); i > 0; i--) {
    var record = new...
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    Thanks. Is there support in ExtJS for removing records from the data object passed to beforesave?

    What I was going to look into was overriding Is there a built-in way to...
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    Thanks very much - I considered that actually.
    My problem is that a row is invalid only if all cells are blank. Individual cells are allowed to blank...
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    When a store is set to autosave, is it possible to process the data object that gets passed to the beforesave event such that certain records within it can be prevented from getting saved to the...
  14. Thanks
    I gave it a whirl, but it seems a little buggy.
    I did...

    store.suspendEvents(false); //queueSuspended set ti false to prevent events from queing
    //... code to add records ......
  15. Hi,

    I need to populate a Grid with blank rows. I can do this, but because the store has autosave set to true and is restful, a PUT request gets fired for each blank row that I insert. This is not...
  16. Hi,

    Does anyone have/know of a working example of a moving rows within an EditorGridPanel (or know why it's not working for me)?
    I've found few examples, and the ones I've found use this...
  17. I would have thought the ability to move rows up and down would be build right in. There are evidently plugins for drag and drop to reorder rows.

    Can anyone suggest the best approach/point me to a...
  18. Hi,

    I'm implementing a menu option to move a row up/down.

    From what I've seen removing the row from the store and re-inserting it at the correct index is a pretty standard way to go.

    So in...
  19. Thanks,
    I tried


    but got an 'undefined' error
  20. It's a security thing. Your app is one domain and the webservice is in another - browsers don't allow cross domain scripting. The jsonp thing works by inserting a <script src="url to webservice"> tag...
  21. I've been looking at the docs on animation (Ext.anim etc) trying to figure out what I need to pass to to get it animate. Nothing I've done has had an impact.

    The docs for...
  22. I'm closer.
    Ext.Component.query() returns an array of matched components, so I need to reference the first element...

    var exField =...
  23. Thanks, but I'm afraid I still get the same result.
  24. change:function(){
    var exField = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('textareafield[name=myfield]');
    // next line outputs an object in the console which looks like the textareafield
  25. A bit more info - when I observe the result of calling theSubmitButton.up("timeentryform") in the console I can drill down to the values but they are buried in the returned object. And if I call...
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