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  1. Do you use a listener on the data loader?

    Seems to me that the loader is still loading while your list is already being build/displayed. You should build the list after the data is actually being...
  2. One more person here who is looking for a solution to do this. I like Sencha (Architect), but this is a huge dissapointment.
  3. Ah cool. That would be really nice.

    Looking forward to version 2.1 of Architect. Wonder what it will bring. :-)
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    Would it not be better to just use and deploy the files a project actually uses?

    Now you have to strip a files from the SDK, etc. by hand.
  5. Hi,

    Currently I am looking at Sencha Architect and touch as a development platform for developing apps.

    I have followed and watched some tutorials. One of them is about styling the app and...
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