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  1. In my case, I resolved this problem by installing IE patch.
  2. Hi,

    Actually, to generate complex form, we define it into html pages and use css to place fields. For the complex fields like combo box for sample, html page contains only div et after html...
  3. I fixed this bug on 2.0.2 like this :

    I add this to initDocReady :

    var initDocReady = function(){
    var doChk = function(){
    Ext.isReady ||...
  4. I have also this bug with ext 3.2.1 and this patch is included into this version.
  5. I have a bug already described here.
    Some times, Ext.onready and onload event aren't never called.
    I have this bug on ext 2.0.2, ext 2.3.0 and ext 3.2.1 on ie8. With ext2.0.2, our clients have also...
  6. Initially, our ext version for production is 2.0.2 and I find a patch on 2.0.1 here
    Into this patch, onReady is call when the line document.documentElement.doScroll('left') not throw exception....
  7. I tried this patch with 2.2.1 and with IE=5 but I have the same error.
  8. OK, I tried the patch onto ext 2.3.0 (I have used 3.2.1 only for test) et it also doesn't work. I have an error onto line "if(Ext.isObject(eventName)){" into methode addListener.
    But if I...
  9. Thanks,

    I tried to put the new EventManager but I have some js error. I put it into a 3.2.1 ext version by replace into ext-all-debug.js.
    The js error is onto line : Ext.EventManager._unload();...
  10. I have the same problem. It's cause by the fact that document.readyState never take value "COMPLETE". Then Ext.onready is never call and checkReadyState method is call all 2 ms. Also, onLoad isn't...
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