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  1. actually my question is if/how to create/destroy/reconfigure or reinitialize ext objects on the fly from firebugs console. I have no trouble doing this with a leightweight loosely coupled Lin like...
  2. Does anyone know how to do this? As you all know, Firebug exists only for Firefox, but unfortunately what you may not know is that Firefox has a terrible cross-platform bug where each subsequent...
  3. thanks for the plugin.

    using ux.tinymce 0.6 I get this error, relayed by firebug:

    any help in debugging this is appreciated. I used this setup as per the default example provided.

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    I'm sorry but I don't consider a private, read-only, privileged-access svn to be "open."

    I'm not frustrated with JS. I'll tell you, I was frustrated with JS when I started Ext, under the guise...
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    Whatever man. I thought I'd be the better man and humbly retreat from my offensive but now I'm retracting that action. ExtJS is loaded with holes. It's not truly open source from the GNU perspective...
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    You're right--javascript makes everyone want to pull their hair out. No excuse, except that I just took Xanax and I'm a little out of my mind at the moment. Pardon my idiocy.
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    Getting past Ext's quirks can be difficult.

    There are four solutions which when combined will solve all of your problems:

    1. Use Firebug to traverse objects to inspect their methods and...
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    nah, easier than that is just you the renderer property on your column model array columns


    [{column},{column},{columnconfiguration..., renderer:...
  9. solution:
    don't use form.submit.

    use Ext.Ajax.request
    or some other library's ajax
  10. wrap it in jquery.

    $((function() {
    Ext.onReady(function() {
    Ext.BLANK_IMAGE_URL = 'assets/ext/resources/images/default/s.gif';
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    i was more referring to clicking in the cell and editing rather than a post-value-change event. my solution involved a mixture of some jquery and ext magic. if you can follow this ( :P ), this is...
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    Does anyone know how to capture an edit/value-change event on a combobox? Either out-of-the-box functionality or better yet a suggestion on how I might implement this trigger myself?
  13. yeah I looked there too. the closest semblance of whatever might be controlling the highlight is this

    Ext.extend(ApiPanel, Ext.tree.TreePanel, {
    selectClass : function(cls){
  14. Solution:
    Add this to your tree nodes' (tree node not panel) configurations:

    listeners: {
    click: {
  15. ok, no problem. Thanks Animal.
  16. Is it possible to prevent the Viewport from automatically rendering until I manually call the render method? If not, can someone say so? If so, can someone let me know how?
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    Makes sense. A new pattern to add to my utility-belt--thanks.
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    how come you (apparently) don't need to instantiate the plugin with the new keyword? I'm about to try this plugin out, this just seemed weird to me.
  19. I'm baffled. One last thing to try would be to write a simple bare-bones implementation--in particular, instead of using the 'renderTo' property try this approach:

    (copy and paste this)

  20. new and improved

    Ext.ux.plugins.FitToContainer = function(options) {
    // Takes options hash with following specifications:
    // var options = {
    // container: container_el
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    in terms of sheer utility, this is probably one of the most valuable user extensions ever created.
  22. Figured it out

    this.navigation.test = new Ext.form.ComboBox({
    id: 'select_arabic_test',
    emptyText: 'Select: Arabic Font',
    title: 'Arabic Font',
  23. that's weird because your code -- more or less your code -- worked just fine for me:

    var quicktip = new Ext.QuickTip({
    title: "Using the goal editor...",
    html: "Using the goal editor...
  24. I'm considering proposing to my supervisor that we obtain an ExtJS license to expedite support. What kind of license should I be looking at for a non-profit educational institution (NCSA at UIUC)? So...
  25. bump--
    maybe I'll find the solution myself, I'm about to browse the community learning center--but in the meanwhile... ?

    I wonder what my super's reaction would be to a proposal to license extjs....
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