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    :DSolution that worked for me.

    { override: 'Ext.view.DragZone',
    init: function(id, sGroup, config) {
    var me = this,
  2. maybe a command line parameter/settings to force offline mode ?
  3. I don't know exactly the proxy product name, however here is the HTTP exchange in case of normal internet connection :

    Request 1:

    GET HTTP/1.1
    Accept: */*
  4. Ok, I'll give a try tomorrow, but anyway it could be a solution for one person, not for a company. If you observe a better stability with classics theme, it means that you observe crashes with XP...
  5. Non, this time it crashes just after showing login/password dialog, before I even click OK.:s

    Please, take it seriously... We (people who try to bring ExtJS to this bank) are going to be in a...
  6. Hi,

    The version available to download is the same as it was previously. Both files are identical. Are you sure the new version is available to download ?

  7. Hello,

    Sorry to push you, but do you have any solutions yet? It's very important for us. New people join our teams in different offices and they are blocked.

  8. Operating System:

    WinXP Pro SP3
  9. nothing special the default directory + version number (like C:\Program Files\SenchaArchitect222)
  10. Hi,

    It's after upgrading to 2.2.2 (by downloading a new version and installing into the different directory).

  11. Aditional information that might help.

    When we remove proxy configuration from Windows internet connection settings Sencha Architect starts correctly. If then we edit Architect settingns and...
  12. Architect Build tested:

    Operating System:

    WinXP Pro SP3

    When working behind a proxy with authentication Sencha Architect crashes on startup. (Saying : "Sencha...
  13. Architect Build tested: Latest downloaded;

    Description: Sencha Architect 2.2 manual proxy configuration does not work.

    When testing with proxy Auto Detection : connects to the proxy...
  14. Hello,

    the property purgePageCount of a Store is currently a checkbox. Looks like it should be a number

  15. Hi,

    currently Sencha Architect geenrates the following code for Application Actions:

    eventName: {
    fn: this.onEventName
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