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  1. It works perfectly, thanks!
    I added to my app.js launch function
  2. I've been experiencing this problem as well & came across this stackoverflow answer:

    I removed the fullscreen preference that I had in my config.xml...
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    For my case the following was the right combination to get the list to stretch within an actionsheet (SenchaTouch 2.3.0)

    Ext.define('MyApp.CustomActionSheet', {
    extend: 'Ext.ActionSheet',...
  4. Hi

    I found from the SenchaTouch docs that DatePickerField.dateFormat uses the default date format:!/api/Ext.field.DatePicker

    How would one go about...
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    What property on the ActionSheet parent can one set?

    I have a similar issue where I am not able to get my list to scale to the height of the parent ActionSheet:

  6. I still get the same behaviour after adding the 'enableHighAccuracy' property. I found similar behaviour using navigator.geolocation.watchPosition, so the issue might be related to Cordova
  7. Yes I am packaging with Cordova. It could be related to that, I will see if it makes a difference if I set an additional config value of 'allowHighAccuracy'. Thanks for the info.
  8. Hi

    I have 2 different components in my app that each use a map. When setting the center / zoom on the 1st map, I see that these are then applied to the 2nd map as well, which is not desired or...
  9. Hi there

    I am using the watchPosition function of Ext.device.Geolocation & finding that when on a device, it fires intermittently and not in conjunction with the frequency value that has been set....
  10. I need to dynamically add/remove Carousel elements in the background. I have the concept of 'pages' & use the carousel component to contain dynamically added / removed pages. I needed these to be...
  11. I managed to get around this issue by not relying on the chain of events that happen when Carousel.add is called.

    It does however seem unintuitive that there's no way to add an item independently...
  12. My fix involved an elaborate extension of the Carousel component. After trying various techniques / events, the solution that worked best was to override the carousel's next, previous and onDrag...
  13. Hi there

    When a Container.add is called will Sencha try to set the added item as the currently active item? If so, is there a way to prevent this behaviour so that items can be added in the...
  14. Hi

    I have a component that extends Carousel which can have many child pages, where each page contains a lot of form elements.

    For performance reasons I would live to have functionality that...
  15. I found 2 reasons for my app not picking up the events.

    The 1st was that the cordova.js file was not being included in my project. I confirmed this by explicitly...
  16. I thought that Ext.device.Connection also checks the Cordova connection. The docs say it has 3 different implementations:!/api/Ext.device.Connection

    So I...
  17. I can confirm (with the above-described setup) that the Ext.Connection's onlinechange event does nothing. After much troubleshooting, I have worked my project down to a simple sencha-cordova app....
  18. Hi

    I have tried numerous way to detect the online-offline change event of my mobile app.

    The setup:
    - Sencha v 2.3.0
    - Sencha build, outputting to a cordova build, Cordova v 3.4.0
    - Cordova...
  19. Hi

    I get the following error when adding a new Model to my Store. I suspect this is happening because I have a List view in a TabPanel that references my Store, which I have not yet 'opened' or...
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    How does one get the column headers to grow / shrink with the relevant columns?

    Ignoring the DataView component, how could one achieve this with a regular list?

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    Thanks for the info, this alternative way of defining a component using tpl and setData makes more sense.

  22. I've experienced this before for a number of reasons, from exceptions to having the folder open in another program.It looks like there weren't any exceptions with your build, so check that there are...
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    I have a DataView component that uses a dataItem component to render the items:

    Ext.create('Ext.DataView', {
    useComponents: true,
    defaultType: 'mylistitem'
  24. To solve this I used the DataItem's internal function function: updateRecord:

    updateRecord:function(record) {
    this.getFormField().setLabel(record.get('code') + ' ' +...
  25. Hi

    I would like to set the label property of a form-item which is a child item within a DataItem component. From the examples it looks like one can only do a one-to-one mapping of a model field to...
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