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  1. Got it, thanks!
    Also, found this link:
  2. Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to generate ext-doc documentation for ext extensions I've written.
    The ext-doc on googlecode only lists the following steps:

    Install Subversion client
  3. You have included ext-all-debug.js which I'm trying to replace with ext-core.

    Can the ext-all-debug (or ext-all.js) be replaced with ext-core (if I don't want to use the HighChartsPanel ux) for...
  4. Will the Highcharts adapter work with ext-core? Don't need the ux.HighchartPanel, just the adapter with ext-core as the base library.
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  6. Wanted to confirm that this bug still exists with the released ExtJS 3.2.0
    onCreateRecords(): The key is not remapped, even though the record is realized and new primary key is applied to the record...
  7. @Condor: Thanks for the patch!
    Complete patch for ExtJS 3.2, note the Store insert() function also needs to be overridden:

    /* Paging toolbar enhancements:*/
    Ext.override(, {
  8. If you want to suppress the next button, the easiest way would be to override the PagingToolbar moveNext() function and define your own logic:

    Ext.override(Ext.PagingToolbar, {
    moveNext :...
  9. For dynamically adding components, ExtJS has a mapping table by component xtype. Component xtype is registered by Ext.reg()

    Similarily, plugins can be registered as a ptype by Ext.preg() and then...
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    If you need a user extension, there is one for ext-core:
    UX Source:...

    The Gray theme buttons are not rounded and appear abruptly cut off at corners. Compared to the Blue theme, which has better rounded...
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    So, without a client side installer, it can do file operations? using a browser? How do you achieve that?
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    Some issues I found during my first impressions:

    Widths and Heights are not saved if cleared: I may need to resize a panel according to its container (like a window), so I clear the width and...
  14. The CompositeField field example does not render correctly in IE6. Field image top 1 pixel of text fields gets cut off.
  15. CakePHP, their framework organization and structure is pretty good. and you can use the same base library code to create multiple web applications and share common php, css and js files across all...
  16. Yes, the GroupSummary ux uses array indexes without checking for bounds. I had to fix three functions, to resolve the firebug javascript errors:


    doWidth : function(col, w,...
  17. With the increasing number of widgets / classes, its important to have a easy way of building a custom ext-all.js, otherwise we pay the penalty of loading a larger library for using a fraction of the...
  18. No, the download dialogs are not exposed or part of the DOM.
    If you however, want to open a file in the browser (like a PDF) as opposed to the browser presenting a download dialog, you can send the...
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    Nice Extension! Simple and powerful!
    Somehow, it does not capture the store "sort" param when it saves the params as a cache key. So, if the store has a sort field defined, the cache is never hit....
  20. Here's the override for fixing the GroupingStore remote sort in ExtJS 3.2 beta

    Ext.override(, {
    sort : function(fieldName, dir) {
    if(this.remoteSort) {
  21. I noticed that all grid column remote sorting stopped working in Ext 3.2 beta when using a GroupingStore. Clicking on column header to sort or choosing Sort Ascending / Descending from the column...
  22. This happens when you're using columns which don't have a getEditor() function defined. Like checkboxSelectionModel or RowActions plugin. Use the following fix in RowEditor.js

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    ExtJS expects you to provide the new ID of the record in the JSON response of the 'create' request.

    I was having a similar issue where I had the same function for editing and creating a new...
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    hendricd has his own user extensions which he develops and maintains outside of the regular ExtJS library. While some of them require a commercial license to be purchased, others are free. Donations...
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    My boss sent me an excited mail about a "better" way of creating ExtJS applications and included a link to ExtJS Designer. And "recommended" me to use this tool to create applications rather than...
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