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    It wasn't checked.
    Thanks Greg.
    I didn't see it in the top right.

    I will say I used the tabs a lot in the older docs.
    Not sure if the new format will be as easy to flip back n forth.
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    The new docs for 5.1.1 isn't even complete. :s

    Just lookup in the new format.54740
  3. SK650,

    Sure hope this is in Central time and not Pacific. LOL


  4. This was from an emailing from the Sencha Team I got today.

    June 21st is a Tuesday not
  5. 54646

    Since June 21st is a Tuesday just wanted to verify the date is correct.

  6. We have been able to customize packages so it auto creates our template for us.
    We aren't using app's because of how much views we have we are sharing common files and not doing the app build all in...
  7. @burnnat: Thanks for the reply but I'm using Sencha Command 4.0.1 and started making my own template folder with needed skeleton files.

    I'm using Sencha Command 4.0.1 with Ext JS 4.2.2.
  8. Is there any guides on starter templates?

    I've started toying around with the sencha command and using my own starter template.

    And I wanted to know if there is some hidden features we can use...
  9. My reply to this is why didn't Sencha do it with a theme? I'm already making my own theme for my company but still I see no reason to have this hard coded.
  10. Why is MessageBox hard coded with the topContainer padding set to 10?
    If anything you should allow us to override via a config property this padding and the margins being set for the progressbar. I...
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    Ext JS 3.4 is IE7/8/9 compatible.
    Ext JS 3.3.1 is IE7/8 only.
  12. Thanks Martin17.

    Oops it's pointing to 4.1.0 not 4.1.1 my mistake.
  14. The download link goes to but your wanting the CacheFly url correct?
    They haven't updated that yet on the page it is still pointing to 4.1.1 on the download page.
  15. Main Ext JS Product page click download.
  16. Thanks Mitch my CDO (OCD for those that don't know what CDO is) was twiching when I saw it.

  17. There is another discussion about it in the Sencha Command forum.
  18. OK wasn't sure Sencha might want to remove the link to Sencha cmd on Ext JS Product page until the correct Sencha CMD version is available.

    Either that or answer a lot of questions of why it's not...
  19. You can try this beta of cmd with the new 4.2.0 GA.
  20. You can get the public download link from the new blog today.
  21. I checked yesterday on the nightly's and it wasn't like that so its just something from today's release of 4.2.0.
  22. Could it be related to when we renewed they changed our company name which let's me see 2 company accounts now in the customer portal?
  23. It's still double links for me. :)
    I'm extra short school bus special. :D
  24. I take it this might be a small bug as well. It just showed the double links today.

  25. LOL it just showed up sneaky little devils.

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