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  1. Thanks, but it doesn't help me a lot... I have already look at this.
  2. Hello everybody :)

    I made a carousel which show 3 items in one slide. A part of the previous item + the current + a part of the next item.
    See my thread about this.
    In summary, I have several...
  3. I'm still waiting for your answer, please :)
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    I didn't know this method. I tried it but it isn't very useful for me because it returns an array of dom elements.

    I want to dock first item of my dataview and i can't do it with dom.
    But thank...
  5. ok, waiting for your help ;)
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    I have an Ext.DataView with an itemTpl, which I fill with a store.

    In my controller, I want to get the items generated by the dataview after it is initialized.
    But, if I try this :

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  9. Hi everybody !

    You're class is very useful. I tried it in a carousel and it works well if we want only one image per slide.
    But, as soon as we want 2 images per slide, it doesn't work any more.
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    Hi everyone,

    I tried what there is in first post but I see no image.
    I've generated a new app in sencha touch 2.1 without changing anything.
    I add a new item in the tab panel (view Main.js) :
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  12. Hi everyone,

    I would like to add a loading picture during a longpress event. In order to represent the pressure time for user. How can I do that ?

    My longpress event is working well. I use it...
  13. I fixed some problems. It worked with 2 images but not really with 3.

    Now it works well thanks to @digeridoopoo, it's necessary to use itemLength.
    Carousel has a width to 100% and an itemLength...
  14. In my project, i also have a container in layout card which contains everything.

    Hierarchy :

    container layout card {
    container layout vbox {
    carousel {
  15. @tyladurdan : sorry, I made a mistake, my solution works on sencha touch 2.1.0 (not on 2.0.1).
    I didn't try with 2.2.
    I edited my posts.

    Try to delete all the "centered: false" in your items,...
  16. I found the solution.
    You have to put carousel into a container. This container must be in vbox layout (I don't know why it works with this layout specially).

    Carousel must be smaller than its...
  17. Let me show you a drawing :
    I want to do that with my carousel :


    Is it possible to do that with css ? Or modify carousel config ? Maybe overwrite carousel class ?
    Each item is a...
  18. I found the solution.
    I didn't use the good class so that the css can work.

    It works if we use Ext.DataView instead of Ext.dataview.List

    Ext.define("MyApp.view.List", {
  19. Hi,

    this trick doesn't work for me :(

    App created with Sencha Touch 2.1
    I use Ext.dataview.List, a data store and an itemTpl in the dataview config :

    itemTpl: [
    '<div class="item">',
  20. Hi,

    I would like to do the same : add a custom css when the device is a tablet but i don't know how doing this.
    I've created a MVC app and i use profiles.

    How can I change the css path in...
  21. Thank you for your answer, I suspected it a little. Is it possible to make live sencha sdk tools and sencha cmd ? Because I am going to work at the same time on apps 2.0 and 2.1.
  22. Hi everyone,

    I downloaded Sencha Cmd (v3.0.0.250) few days ago.
    I have a problem when I want to create the production build of an app created with sencha touch 2.0.1.

    I do this in a terminal :...
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