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  1. Hello, I have used a set function, but it still doesn't work :-(
    Here is my code :

    The model with the calculated field :

    function conversion(value, record){
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    Have you tried to instantiate the store ?
    var myStore= Ext.create('');
  3. I have a model with a convert function and when I reload the store with a new xml, the normal data are updated but not the calculated field form the convert() function.

    How to update those fields...
  4. When I load the 2nd XML, the data returned by the calculated field are still the data of the 1st xml
    It works for the non-calculated data

    What do I have to do to return the good calculated data...
  5. I still got a problem :
    As it wasn't working, I decided to load each XML just before dispalying my panel, but I've checked : the url changes but not the data loaded

    I really don't understand what...
  6. Hello,

    I have 4 XML to load, I make an instance of my store wich load the XML,
    this strore has a model.

    Problem, when I make the 4 instances of the store, the callback function return 4 times...
  7. Hello,

    I have a tabpanel with 3 items.
    I want to replace the content of my 1st panel with a new page(page2), I've used :

  8. You can use Ext.ComponentQuery.query(#"the ItemId you look for")
  9. Thank you for the solution, but how to get the data in the arrayItem returned ?
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    I'm interedted in your sqlite proxy, but I have a few questions :

    How to make the demo work ?
    We have to test it with phonegap/cordova ?
    Do you have a tutorial to do an application with the...
  11. Ok but when I make a build, it doesn't load.
    After all the searches I've made, it seems to be a real problem, if you have a tutorial, I'm interested.
  12. I've found the solution here :

    You have to add at the top of app.js this code :
  13. I've linked the sencha-touch-all.js in the index.html and it works,

    It seems there is a problem with the code generated by the command line after

    I've linked the sencha-touch.js in the...
  14. Here is the logcat :

    I have got also the Socket closed
    Unknown chromium error: -6
    whith the ST2 App without microloader
  15. Thank you for your answer, but you mean Java Classes or Sencha Classes ?

    I have used LogCat and get the following message :

    I solved it by adding in the Android Manifest,
    But I am still...
  16. Hi,

    I've made a blank new app with the sencha command tools, it works on my computer
    But when I put the app in Phonegap/Cordova, on the phone the app is stuck on the loading page.

    I've tried a...
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    Yes there is :

    var maCave= Ext.create('Cave.view.Cave_V');
    (in the controller)
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    I have a view called Cave_V,
    When I press a button, it creates the view and then I have a button in this view to close it. I want to destroy it for memory usage, but I need to create again...
  19. I tried the script, it works fine, I have change a little bit, to use it with "touchmove" event.

    I noticed that if your image is more than 2 MegaPixels, the display is reduced by 4 on the Ipad...
  20. Ok I understand, I'll ReProgram the functions in ST 2
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    Hi, this is an old post, but have you tried to implement it ?
  22. I have created a container, in this container I have the code in inline :

    var contenu='<div id="example">
    <img id="imagedf" src="resources/3d/lanterne.jpg" width="467" height="280" />
  23. I found the problem :
    It's because I'm French !!!:s

    In french ressources is written with double S
    So the mistake was in the config.rb file
    wrong : load File.join(sass_path, '..', 'touch',...
  24. I'm not the only one to face this problem,
    There is a solution here :

    But it's a trick, so I hope that I don't...
  25. Here is my config.rb :

    dir = File.dirname(__FILE__)
    # load the sencha touch framework
    load File.join(dir, '..', 'touch', 'ressources', 'themes')
    # Look for any *.scss files in same dir as...
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