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  1. I think the x-form-display-field-body class shouldn't hard code heights to my case (in quirks mode) it needs to be taller. should probably move it down into a layout somewhere or maybe to...
  2. its quirks mode vs strict. looks like the mode drop down box in your fiddle test area doesn't do still includes:
    <!DOCTYPE html>

    The page is always rendered in strict. Our pages...
  3. if you notice the code...the display field should be showing 'One Two Three four five six seven'. works in FF / its chopped off.
  4. comboboxes? it was text fields, number fields, and display fields only. the value for the display field isn't visible. I'm on Windows 7, 64bit. My coworker is on win8 64bit. We have customers on...
  5. When using an hbox layout with labelAlign top, displayfields's value isn't visible in IE 9 / 10 (didn't test 8). The table body rendered is only 22 px high instead of the needed 40. No idea why,...
  6. I agree, its already out on Win8, RC1 or 2 is out for Win7. Seems like GA for Win7 will be arriving shortly, would be nice to actually hear when 4.2 will be out so we can start telling customers...
  7. should also be Math.ceil so that the last few records don't get chopped off
  8. 4.1.3
  9. addPage: function(pageNumber, records) {
    var me = this, recCount = records.length, pageCount, i, startIdx = 0, page;

    // Account for being handed a block of records spanning several...
  10. docs are wrong for the beforeEdit for Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing. The CellEditor is apparently now the first passed parameter
  11. using both:

    along with the ext-all-dev

    I thought that it showed this error after the success I wasn't sure if it was somethign I...
  12. Getting an error msg:
    Layout left connected: ext-comp-1549<anchor>

    Everything appears to work right. That component is collapsing, updating its template right, widths, etc look good. Is this an...
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    Button Menu Bug

    When having a menuitem / menucheckitem with a wide text property the layout breaks in FF11 / IE9

    text values that work:...
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    reposted under RC2..didn't see it was released last night
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    When having a menuitem / menucheckitem with a wide text property the layout breaks in the nightly build from 4.1 in FF11 / IE9

    text values that work:
    some random tex

    text values...
  16. This change should be put in with the 4.1 release...its annoying to have to register a listener to prevent a checkbox click when you already know the columns that are editable.

  17. funny you ask...i finally discovered what the problem was yesterday so good timing. In the example i listed above....apparently IE isn't generating a unique name for the combo. I'm using the combo...
  18. The pick list doesn't scroll right in IE 9 or FF 7, but more importantly the pick list renders at the wrong location in IE9.


    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.7
  19. hes posting ext4 code...not 3. you need to set a model on your store
  20. two issues:
    1) error is thrown from closing a tab which contains an accordion which contains a grid that wasn't expanded before closing
    2) accordion has borders even though config'd not too, also...
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    you have to be a premium support member...but you'd go here to get it:
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    Firebug is most likely the problem with your memory issues...they've posted a few comments about memory issues on their site.

    there were a few bugs in some versions of 4 that were mem...
  23. ah cool...thanks. yea...they def make it easy?

    got a username/password for the forums
    username/password for svn
    and another username/password for the premium account?

    bah...oh well...i got...
  24. Didn't want to waste credits posting on the premium board...I got the email announcing the release of 4.0.5. When I go to the download page for Ext Js 4 and click the current customer link it shows...
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