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    That's actually a good point. Is Sencha going to change the platform that Architect is built on?
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    Because my OCD/ADHD/YMCA/LOL becomes uncontrollable at times I'd like to make the following two feature requests for future version.

    Ability for my Controllers/Views/Stores/Models to be sorted...
  3. I see there are a couple of threads about this now. Kind of glad it's not just me.

    Hope a fix for this is coming soon.
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    After banging my head for a while trying to get the "generate" to work with an existing Architect project I'd like to point out one small piece of advise that might help others that I didn't find (so...
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    I've been playing around with your TouchTreeGrid today and just wanted to say this is pretty nice and thanks for putting it out there.

    And because we use Architect here I'm extremely impressed...
  6. I think it's been said this is fixed in the next soon-to-be release. I saw a thread yesterday where Aaron mentions the next release should be out in a week or so if all goes well.

    In the meantime...
  7. I didn't even try out that "Build" button. That's exactly what I need. I'm so used to 2.1 behavior it never dawned on me to check out all of the shiny new buttons.

    Vast majority of the times we...
  8. Hello,

    We've recently run across an odd thing with Architect 2.2 that didn't happen with 2.1. Figure I would report it as well as the work around we're using. Hopefully it's not too long winded.
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    Same thing happens to me. Just crashes quite often on open. I do have a proxy at work, but if I repeatedly try and open it over and over it eventually opens.

    I don't think I've experienced it...
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