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    Hide item in TabBar

    I would like to hide the ThankYou item in the tab bar until the use submits the contact us form. Once the form is submitted, I'd like the ThankYou item to be shown, and the other three items to be...
  2. I figured this out. This line: load...

    I figured this out.

    This line:
    load File.join(dir, '..', 'themes')

    Had to be changed to:
    load File.join(dir, '..', 'themes','compass_init.rb')
  3. Yes, I've read and re-read the tutorial. Here's...

    Yes, I've read and re-read the tutorial. Here's the error I'm currently getting when trying to compile:

    error Application.scss (Line 5: File to import not found or unreadable:...
  4. Found a Solution?

    Have you been able to find a solution for this? I've been trying to figure out how to compile my own theme for 1.5 days. None of the tutorials that I've found actually work.
  5. Theming Sencha Touch - Compass & SASS Required?

    I'm pretty new to Sencha Touch. From what I've played with, it's a great framework. I'm working on my first production site and I'm having some issues wrapping my mind around the theming. Are Compass...
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