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  1. How to set nested property when use UIBinder

    For example, I can use the codes listed below to set the header icon for a Window widget:


    But how can I do the same thing when use...
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    [CLOSED] MenuBar bugs in 2.1.2

    Version: GXT 2.1.2
    Browser: IE 8

    Follow the steps to reproduce the problem:
    1. Navigate to the MunuBar sample page: examples/pages/toolbar/menubar.html
    2. Move your mouse over the "File"
  3. This problem only exists in DevModel.

    This problem only exists in DevModel.
  4. The context menu has problems when GWT upgrade to 2.0

    After I upgrade GWT to new 2.0, when I right click in the grid (or tree), the browser's context menu shows, instead of the GXT context menu.
  5. Now it works. Thanks

    Now it works.
  6. How to listener all browser events under Firefox?

    I want to listener all onMouseDown and onKeyDown events in the browser window, and write the following code:

    DOM.setEventListener(RootPanel.get().getElement(), new EventListener() {

  7. I have found the Post:...

    I have found the Post:

    But I do not think they are the same problem.
    In previous releases (2.0.4 or earlier), in most cases, I can select...
  8. [CLOSED] [GXT 2.1] Checkbox plugin for Grid not working properly under IE8

    Open the DEMO page in IE 8:
    I can not select more than one Checkbox at the same time.
    When I select one checkbox, the others will...
  9. [FIXED] TreePanel.setCheckedSelection can not deselect tree nodes

    The following code:

    treePanel.setCheckedSelection(new ArrayList<TreeModel>());

    can not deselect all tree nodes (check box).

    I must use the following code to avoid this problem:
  10. The setReadOnly() method of ListField has no effect

    The setReadOnly() method of ListField has no effect.
    After invoking this method, you can still modify the selected value.
  11. I have tried the following methods, but their...

    I have tried the following methods, but their parents are null:

    new SelectionChangedListener<D>() {
  12. [CLOSED] The parent of selected tree node is NULL in Async Tree

    See the code below:

    RpcProxy<List<TreeModel>> proxy = ...;
    TreeLoader<TreeModel> loader = new BaseTreeLoader<TreeModel>(proxy);
    TreeStore<TreeModel> store = new TreeStore<TreeModel>(loader);...
  13. [FIXED] FormButtonBinding only listen for Attach event

    See the code of com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.form.FormButtonBinding (line 49):

    listener = new Listener<ComponentEvent>() {
    public void handleEvent(ComponentEvent be) {
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    This feature requires us to modify the code when...

    This feature requires us to modify the code when we upgrade GXT from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3, the existing code can not work as before.
    We hope that it is compatible with the early code, after all, this is a...
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    [CLOSED] A Bug of SimpleComboBox in 2.0.3

    See the codes listed below:

    SimpleComboBox<String> scb = new SimpleComboBox<String>();
    scb.add(Arrays.asList("Error", "Warn", "Info", "Tip"));
  16. The constructor of BaseListLoadResult & BasePagingLoadResult should be visible

    The constructor of BaseListLoadResult and BasePagingLoadResult should be visible by sub classes. For example:

    BaseListLoadResult() {

    should be changed to:

  17. [FIXED] FileUploadField do NOT support change listener

    Hi, I need the form commit upload request immediately after user select a file, and use the code below:

    FileUploadField field = new FileUploadField();
    field.addListener(Events.Change, new...
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