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    Here is the detailed description of the problem:
    There is a ExtJS tree in the div of a page, which loads all the nodes as per the database values.
    There is another iframe panel at the right, lets...
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    Can you please elaborate this?
    I need to reload a specific tree node but i'm facing problems accessing that node from outside the tree code, i.e, from the javascript outside.

  3. I have implemented the ExtJS tree component. And now I need to reload the particular tree node on an event.
    Since this event is occurred after the tree load, I need to call the reload() method from...
  4. Thanks evant,
    While browsing the forum, I also found the same thing already solved.
    Here it is:
  5. Thanks Animal,
    it was a really, simple and elegant solution for my problem. I had been troubled by this since few days,
    thanks a heap!
  6. I have used the tree module of extjs. Currently it displays mainly two sets of icons for the tree nodes: - folders (expanded & collapsed) and the leaf node(file icon).
    I want to give the nodes...
  7. I am implementing the drag-drop-tree in my application. But whenever I restructure the files, the tree doesn't work.
    I want to separate the base libraries and the main tree view html.
    How can this...
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