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  1. when add pdf panel in a Panel
    such as

    ...other items in sencha touch panel...
  2. Thanks,it really work for me!!
  3. Dear All:
    I know I am asking a stupid question,but it really happening
    I programmed some ext.panel which listens mousedown/mouseup event to simulate sweep action of mobile device.
    Well,It works...
  4. Replies
    Dear tof
    Thanks million to your form builder ,It really helps me so much
    But I don't know why can not drag the "table layout" into element,others are working correctly and perfectly .
    I am using...
  5. Dear all:
    Thanks for your reply
    But I still have to keep other modified field in the "modified" property of that record
    I just want to remove a specified column from "modified" property of that...
  6. I have a very un-common question about
    for some purpos,I have to set value to a field/column in record,just for displaying
    but,when I tried remove it from the "modified" propert of...
  7. Dear All:
    I know how to assign css to metadata of a column header of grid by the "id" attribution to change it's backgroud color,
    but I also found that if some columns shars same id of css ,will...
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    Thank you Condor.
    I love this plugin,make table more readable,thanks million
    May I have options to assign color for specified columnheader (even splited column) ?
    Cause in my test conditions,I...
  9. Dear All:
    We used to group header of grid by color (even I know the group header plug in ,but still prefer by color)
    but still can see the border/frame of the colored header.
    Could anybody...
  10. Dear Mankz:
    Thanks for your reply,I hate my self did not read Docs all,thanks
  11. Dear All:
    I found a situation that RowSelectionModel can not detect clicked column index if the column have no edtior assigned in the column model.
    even I really added click event listener to the...
  12. Dear All:
    I am newbie to Extjs.My program style is to load form/objct dynamic from server response object
    and then use Ext.getCmp(....).add/remove function change whole form of current panel....
  13. Dear All:
    Currently,I have a question that I want to set font of textarea class
    cause I want each letter has same size, ex: "W" & "i" or "-" should same size
    but I don't know how to configure it...
  14. Thank you,Dear Animal
    The resizer is so small at the right-top of the column
    I have to lookup it carefully
  15. Dear All:
    I encounter a resize problem,below is my code:

    var pnl= new Ext.Viewport(
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    Dear All:
    Thanks for all of your contribution,it matches my requirement
    But I don't know if you found another problem caused by this "patch" that:
    in IE,the "" no longer...
  17. Dear All:
    I also found that Resizable is not workable in IE6/IE7,but workable in Firefox
    I placed a columnlayout in an absolute-layout panel
    and registrate a child of that columnLayout tobe...
  18. Thanks for your information,I will try them right now.
  19. Dear all:
    I already implemented the dynamic creation of certain panel context by the function : remove/add of Ext.component,the script code is generated by server side script.

    Now I encounter a...
  20. Thank you,devnull,your answer save my time
    I had view the hex code of text context before I post it,I can see it's ox0d & 0x0a
    I know 0x0a is "'\n",but I did not know 0x0d is "\r",thank you for...
  21. Dear All:
    Below is my code (by Ext2.1)


    { xtype:'textarea',
  22. Thanks million to your answer and your patience
    It save my job alot.
  24. But why the tutorial "iconcombobox" can made it?
    If in case I can not get the code of function (which I want to extend) in superclass,how to solve this problem?

    (sorry about this question ,...
  25. Dear All:
    Thank you for taking time to read my stupid problem,
    below is my test sample code:

    ==========================in js file=======================
    ClassBase= function(arg){
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