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    well.. i'm an .. i was secure to correctly aplly documentation info..

    now it works..

    the code to like me :p

    var upd = function (dataModel, rowIndex, colIndex, e){
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    i'm using

    function upd(dataModel, rowIndex, colIndex, e){
    alert('Cell at row ' + rowIndex + ', column ' + colIndex + ' was clicked! New value=' +
  3. ok, sorry jbowman for the time spend to posting.. :D

    it works now... :roll:

    thx a lot.. 8)
  4. sorry but i don't know how t do it :oops:

    i have the total every time in the php-json call response and i would like to take that value and set it in the data model.. what are the...
  5. ok.. now it works... 8)

    thx a lot, animal

    but what about the num of rows? there is a way to pass it with json method?

  6. i'm using this code, playing with jack's example:

    var Example = {
    init : function(){
    var sort = YAHOO.ext.grid.DefaultColumnModel.sortTypes;

    // the...
  7. jack, i found the problem...

    if i use the code without link users div as panel everything is ok.. if i link it never i can use the getEl with the li elements inside the panel/div users...

  8. now i will set a static user so u can see the problem.. after 5 sec the users.php will be invoked and user's list (the tab "lista utenti") will be broke, in the tab log u will see the flag in the...
  9. jack i'm looking at the page but i don't find any duplicate..

    look yourself maybe you have a better eye :D
  10. ok jack,
    but the problem is.. if i create a new li node, why i cannot access to it later? i think i don't know the theory to undestand the problem..

    dh.append('users', {tag: 'ul', children:...
  11. why i cannot getEl u0,users or every li element created in my function? what is the right way to get them to update? i tried with the laste code but nothing works :(
  12. i fixed it after posting here and i forgot to update the post sorry:

    var rListUsers = new function(){
    this.render = function(el, response){
    eval("var us =...
  13. when u call first time the function rListUser by updeter calling the else code populate the user array (that is global var) so the second time.. when the if code find a element already genereted...
  14. hi animal..

    it is ok the XMLHttpRequests.. 'cause if i delete the if and leave only the else code it works.. the problem is the update of created elements.. the generetion or appending is ok.....
  15. i have code to create a list (ul,li) of the users. Since this list is refreshed frequently i would like to improve the code using this system:

    1) not load every time the list, but only if an...
  16. sorry.. if it is duplicate delete it :oops:

    i only try to be useful to the community 8) :roll:
  17. thanks jack.. now it works.. great :D
  18. i know there is no man stupid like me.. but u never can say :D


    i was buliding my own application and thanks to jack.. very fastly i'm learning more about js..


    sometime i check...
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    Finally i used YAHOO.util.Connect.setForm/asyncRequest

    it works, but only if i don't use tinymce as editor for textarea (turned off, now)
    i din't understand what formUpdate do
  20. ok in my page:

    i have this function:

    getRoom : function(id,rm){
    if (getEl("room"+id)!=null){ // checking if just created the panel
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    it works in borderLoyout, i don't know if the interface is the same, sorry...
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    u have to disable html when u post..

    bottom in the page qhen u post there is a check box ("Disable HTML in this post") to do this :D
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    this works:

    closeOnTab: true

    it add the "x" image on the tabs to close the panel added
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    i have this code:


    App = function(){
    var rmsg = new function(){
    this.render = function(el, response){
    var obj = response.responseText; // JSON data
  25. i'm using this code:

    var rListMsgs = new function(){
    this.render = function(el, response){
    var dh = YAHOO.ext.DomHelper;
    var obj = response.responseText;
    for (v in...
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