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  1. hi. yes you are right. i forgot to post a comment about this. i made it work

    i wrote a short post about this. click the LINK [ here ]
  2. sencha cmd 3, formerly sdk tools is already out. thats the fix. you need to update to sencha touch 2.1
  3. 39136

    based on the image, my login form consists of Ext.Panel as the parent container. I did not set this to full screen, hence you see the black background border.

    my issue is how to add...
  4. hi rbahumi, i did not have that error. it was probably a quote from some other member that i replied to.

    what is stbuild.msi for?
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    nope. still same with
  6. still the same with
  7. yes, you are right. this looks to be the only solution for now. but sencha team needs to fix this problem.
    barely anybody would read the whole line to determine that the problem is the android-7...
  8. this is an error in the android emulator. make sure you specify an MiB size to act as your internal storage.
  9. ok thanks. my requirement was to get all buttons so i could clear them whenever it changes view. i did it like this

    var navbar = this.getNavigationBar();
    var butt = navbar.query('button');
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    i also encountered this with Ext.dataview.List
  11. mitch, looking at the api, there is no xtype for Ext.navigation.Bar. so there is no way to use Ext.ComponentQuery.query for that.

    but using the query() did help once i got the reference of the...
  12. hi mitch. just wondering. if i do

    'navigationbar button'

    will that give me an array of buttons in the navigation bar?
  13. ill see if i wont be able to do anything in the next few days. i dont want to go back all over because i just started all over to using Ext.navigation.View
  14. adding button to an Ext.navigation.View navigation bar

    var navbar = this.getNavigationBar();
    navbar.add({ .....});

    but removing buttons ... anyone got ideas? getDockedItems() always...
  15. i think i found the problem. when i set the variable and used the this reference, it was inside an Ajax request so the variables were never set once it got out
  16. oops. this is not the real code. i just typed what i remembered. and yes i did call this.callParent() in initialize().

    the panel.add is this.add() i will change the code
  17. any ideas on thiS?

    i have a variable, say

    Ext.define('MyPanel', {
    extend: 'Ext.Panel',
    config: {
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    Which component in sencha touch 2 can make a progress dialog with a progress bar in it?
  19. yes. but i want to select it programmatically once i get the user's data.

    ill give setValue() a try. thanks

    the setValueField doesnt work. that's only used to indiciate which field/property is...
  20. hi, any idea how to do this?

    i thought setData would do it but it looks like this overwrite's the select's contents.

    there is not even a setSelectedItem(int row) or something
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    thank you haduki! this worked!
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    my view class looks something like this

    Ext.define('tmp.view.Myclass, {
    extends: 'Ext.Panel',
    config: {
    items: [
    html: 'part 1',
  23. in my existing code, this works

    var list = Ext.create('Ext.List', {
    itemTpl: '<div>{id}</div>',
  24. i also plan to do that. i just wanted to see how it works if i load it locally through a declared variable with xml string.

    i managed to solve it now. the only thing lacking in my model class is...
  25. hi! i thought only the views and controllers are needed to be declared in app.js. thanks!
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