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  1. Thanks for the information. I had double-checked this myself - I have not made any changes to submitOnAction and have left it as default.

    My formpanel is as follows:

    var fPanel =...
  2. Hello,

    I have a simple Ext.form.FormPanel for a user to sign in to the app. When testing in a Chrome browser, I noticed that when the user enters the ID and password, and instead of...
  3. Hello,

    My app (ST2.4.1) is running fine as a native app wrapped by Cordova, and also when run as web app with dev build (with Chrome in normal or incognito mode).

    However, when I do a...
  4. Hello,

    I have a ST 2.3/Cmd 4/Cordova 3.6 email app that pulls a list of emails based on search criteria. It's a simple Navigation View implementation; when a user taps a list item (email snippet),...
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    I had the same scenario and the same problem and this solved it! What a huge time saver. Thanks!
  6. Hello all,

    I am using ST2.3.1 and Cmd 5.

    My app is simply named "qxt"; all of my codebase is correspondingly named: qxt.view... , qxt.controller.... etc.

    On iOS and Android, my app shows up...
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    Were you able to find a solution to this? Seems like a big problem; I'm running into this too. I have posted a thread of my own, hopefully someone will be able to help...
  8. Hello,

    I am running into the same critical problem that others have run into with ST2 in the past (,...
  9. Hello,

    I am working with ST2.3.1 and Cmd 4. My app builds and runs fine on my desktop browser but does not launch on a browser on my mobile device. The loading dots with blue background shows up...
  10. In my sass directory, I just had to change this:

    output_style = :compressed
    environment = :production


    output_style = :development
    environment = :expanded
  11. Hello,

    I'm still new to Cmd and things seem to be working fine, so far. One thing I'm not clear about is why the testing build contains minified css in the resources/ directory? I have not done...
  12. Hey shepsii,

    Yep, I did come across that post too ( and suggested the same thing you are pointing to. That's...
  13. Hello all,

    I cannot seem to access a global variable in Ext.application after I do a production or test build with Cmd 4. This happens during the first application launch. I have read other...
  14. Hello,

    I am having trouble including non-MVC js files into the build process. I'm using ST2.3.1 and Cmd 4.0.2. The app framework was created with Cmd, then I copied in my js files from an older...
  15. Hello,

    I am developing a HTML5 app using Sencha Touch that works against JSPs on the backend. I plan to package this into Android and iOS native app for distribution (thinking of PhoneGap or...
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    Agreed. Annoyingly, this is still persistent.
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    Thanks for sharing. I was dealing with a similar issue.
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    I guess I had not searched the forum hard enough. Found the answer here.
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    How can I abort a store load while the ajax call is still executing? I have a simple store with proxy type of 'ajax' and 'json' reader.

    The documentation does not indicate any way to abort this. I...
  20. Hello,

    How can I get the underlying data record for a list item in a list?

    I am guessing one way could be to get a reference to the listitem's parent list object, then get the store of the list...
  21. I had spent quite some time reading about this in the Class System docs, list object docs, the complicated datamap setup and the cryptic apply/update code with little understanding, until I finally...
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    Ah, I selected my own response as the best answer. Not sure how I can undo this and select your answer.
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    Excellent, works just right. Thanks!
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    Hello all,

    I think this topic has been touched on by many people. I have tried looking on the forum for relevant answers and also revisited layouts and container documentation, to no avail. Maybe...
  25. Great, thanks. Increasing the original dimensions by 2x seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks a lot!
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