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    The API has a list of all of the xtypes under the Ext.Component class:

    An Ext.form.TextField set to disabled might work for you.
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    Aha, you know what, display field doesn't exist in Sencha Touch. You're thinking of ExtJs.

    Looks like someone's just ported it though:...
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    Try creating it normally, without the xtype:

    new Ext.form.DisplayField({
    name: 'text',
    label: 'First Name',
    value: 'Hua'
  4. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.2.1

    Adapter used:

  5. I assume that when you say '' you're indicating an invisible unicode string.

    try doing something like

    if (v.charCodeAt(0) == 118) {

    I don't know what the charcode for '' is...
  6. You could just read the source for "lowpro" and figure out how they did it.

    off the top of my head: spawn a new iframe and call document.write() inside it to start the throbber, and...
  7. We use many files and then we have an Ant build that concatenates them all and runs the whole thing through a minifier.

    Generally we have one component per file, sometimes we do multiple per file...
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    Why is this thread still going? It's been shown numerous times that the effect of supporting IE6 on other browsers is trivial.
  9. Do you have some kind of automated minifying process set up?
  10. "%2b" is a url encoded "+" sign. Just run it through urldecode() or whatever equivalent function you have on the server.
  11. I would add a convert function to the field definition of your grid's store to change "" into \u00a0. see
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    I think that express install is going to allow the user to upgrade flash if he or she already has flash installed. Otherwise, how's the user's browser going to interpret the .swf file without flash...
  13. surely there's a way to urldecode a string in Java/struts?
  14. How should I change this to make it work in Ext 3.x?
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    The first argument passed in to "load" is the store itself. You can just do store.getAt(0).get('image').

    Are you really using a whole jsonStore just to get a single element of a JSON string? Do...
  16. I expect it's related to Ext.DatePicker
  17. I agree with tolichsvs- it shouldn't be there. initialConfig should be the Initial Configuration, ie whatever got passed in at creation time.
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    title: 'Detail Report For: ' + store});

    "store" is (presumably) an object, not a string. You need to determine how to get the student's name as a string (you might have to read the...
  19. Add listeners to the Ext.Ajax object.
  20. the params config option will accept a string, if you want to do it that way. That's the only way you'll be able to send multiple arguments with the same name, though you should probably avoid that...
  21. using a store with array fields is sub optimal, because I lose selection handling, I lose a lot of the nice events (ie, instead of subscribing to the dataview's click event and then just getting the...
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    Seems like the documentation for the change event on RadioGroup is pretty clear. It tells you when it fires and what arguments are sent to listeners. What should it say?

    edit: whatever, I don't...
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    Ext doesn't support JSONP. You're looking at an example of a user-written extension using Ext Core.

    Why do you need an example of the setWidth() method? Do you not understand what it does? Or do...
  24. you can put an onload event on the image. WebKit will only fire the event if you set the src of the image dynamically.
  25. type your search term and then add
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