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  1. Correction...

    I did not build a web app, i just published the project. That way the meta.js gets executed. When i build a webapp, it just doesn't work. No idea why.
  2. No you don't.

    You could check if IE is in compatibility mode (seems to default to that on intranet sites). if so, turn it off. I have tested this with IE8 and up, and it does the trick for me.
  3. Maybe a picture says more than a thousand words...50787
  4. This is what worked for me (SA 3.1, EXT5.x)

    In Architect, create a new JS Resource,
    paste the following js-code:

    var meta = document.createElement('meta');
    meta.httpEquiv =...
  5. Tool-size seems pretty fixed. There is a discussion here:
  6. img.x-tool-logout {
    background-image: url("/images/icon-logout.png");
    background-size: 24px !important;
    height:24px !important;
    width:24px !important;
  7. Replies
    You can use an override. Make sure the grid is a seperate class, if not, rightclick it and promote to class.
    After that, create an override and paste in the plugin like this:

  8. I noticed the same thing docking a summary on the bottom of a grid:

    features: [{ftype: 'summary', dock: 'bottom'}]
    This happened in my case when IE8 is set in compatibility mode or to IE7...
  9. Just use the "Filter or Quick Value Set ..." box in the right hand side config panel.
    change it to: type:"logout" (don't forget the quotes around stringvalue "logout") and hit the enter key on...
  10. Things i forgot to mention: i run windows 7 64 bit.

    Thanx to process explorer (found on technet) i noticed that SA2 tries to read files from folder C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Sencha,...
  11. Same here, after selecting a project type, gui disappears. Process is running but nothing shows on desktop or taskbar.
  12. Many thanx in advance Luca and team! I realy like the new Designer, it has so much potential, thanx for that!
  13. My goal is to implement grid filtering using the Sencha Designer, without hand-editing anything after deployment of the project. Using the method i described, that is all you will get.

  14. I did get things started. In my "8 Feb 2012 2:13 AM" post, i wrote that the last step had to be hand-implemented. There is a way around this.

    In my specific case, in Designer, i deleted the...
  15. bump
  16. Almost there.

    Is there a function that i can call set the features property for my grid, or add a feature to it?
    I now have to hand-edit it and it gets overwritten each time i deploy my Designer...
  17. Thanks, i'll try that.

    btw, what a great product! I played with Sencha Touch in Designer 2.0 beta, just awesome. Sencha rocks! =D>
  18. That's good news, i would love to see this featured since there are tons of usefull UX :)

    I already modified my deployed code and successfully included the filtering option on my grid. In the...
  19. I want to use UX in Designer 2.0. Is it possible to include Ext.ux.grid.FiltersFeature somehow?
  20. Replies
    Did you select a view?

    In the first project i exported i also got an empty page, i noticed that the page title was the name of my project. I forgot to select a view to start with. In the project...
  21. Commenting out the form part did the trick, i suppose this is not the best solution:

    Ext.override(Ext.Component, { replaceWith : function(newComponent){
    var ctnr = this.ownerCt;
  22. I had a simular issue, see my post:

    i had to uncheck the...
  23. Well i'll be damned! That is exactly it!

    The rootVisible option for the Tree Panel is checked by default.
    I unchecked it and everything works as it should be!

    This smells like a bug.
  24. It seems that JoelRSimpson's tree problems/solution is unrelated to my post here.

    My questions remain:

    1. What's up with the root{} property that i have to place in the TreeStore section in my...
  25. I get the same result by entering the root property for the Json Reader. If you leave out the root property for the reader, the tree is displayed correctly.

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