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  1. Thanks for the info. I will get the training manual corrected.

  2. Architect 2.1.0, build 613, running on Windows 7
    Just started a Touch 2 project
    Training manual (p 9-3 ) says
    "6. Enter the following information:
    SDK Tools V2 path: [webroot]/touch2"
  3. Having ftypes 'grouping' and 'groupsummary'
    in the same Grid breaks in updateIndexes()

    Example modified from!/api/Ext.grid.feature.GroupingSummary
  4. Any recent browser.
    Latest ExtJS 4.1

    Why, if I comment out the minumum and maximum for both axes,
    the data along the x axis is all concentrated in a narrow column
    while the y axis data covers...
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    Any recent browser - tested, Opera, Chrome

    Open the app

    1) Plotting of Axis ticks seems to be off

    Click on the LatLng tab in the middle
    Do not change the location (top), nor the category...
  6. Now that's clear
  7. RE: Future overrides will be created as Ext.define with the override keyword in frameworks which support it.

    Why not just use the extend keyword? The doc is not clear on what the difference is...
  8. Architect 2.0.0, build 442
    for Touch 2

    If I click on the [Create Override] button, I get the following code:

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.override.MyTabPanel', {
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    Ext.DomHelper is not the same as Ext.dom.Helper. Many of the methods (createHtml) that the doc claims are in Ext.dom.Helper are to be found in Ext.DomHelper.

    This difference applies to the list of...
  10. To listen for and intercept Android hardware back button presses, it looks like you will
    need to use PhoneGap. Look at
  11. There are 2 kinds of back buttons. In addition to the software button we have in
    navigation views, Android devices also have a hardware back button. If your question is
    how to get the hardware...
  12. To prevent an unwanted app exit when the user presses the Android hardware
    back button, you need to listen for and intercept the event, and do something
    useful. Here's the PhoneGap doc on how to do...
  13. It seems that the answer to the Android Back Button question is in PhoneGap/Cordova

  14. The question is really, how do you intercept and handle the press of a [device] back button press on Android devices using a Sencha Touch native/hybrid app? If it is not handled, the default seems to...
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    In 2011 we worked on an app that had to work on desktops and mobile devices. We really tried to get Titanium to work on the desktop, but it was way too buggy (over a year ago). So We switched to...
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