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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have a ST 2.1 app which uses the Ext.draw.Component class to draw text sprites and I have a custom font which I included in my CSS file (with the proper reference). The font...
  2. Hi Shildi,

    I have an issue since I am using the latest Sencha Touch charts GPL with my commercial license of Sencha Touch 2.1, since I am still trying to get an answer from Sencha if my license...
  3. Hi,

    I have upgraded my app from 2.0.1 to 2.1 and in the desktop browser everything works fine (now). But when I want to package my app to deploy it on a server for access from a mobile device,...
  4. Thanks for the reply.

    But as far as I know (correct me if I am wrong), putting them as param instead of building XML will put them as URL query parameters, no ?
    This is what I am trying to...
  5. Hi,

    Is there any way to put XML in the request payload when doing a store load ? I am able to change the HTTP method of the store load from a "GET" to a "POST", but I cannot put the actual XML...
  6. Thanks for the info !
    This is what I ended up doing as a workaround, but it's good to know why it was not working.
  7. Thanks for the info, I was able to make it work and since I will never have that many rows in my table (< 20), I have not noticed a performance hit.
  8. Hi,

    I am using Sencha 2.0.1 and I have a simple list in which I want to use Ext.XTemplate for the itemTpl property. Here is my code:

    Ext.define('app.view.MyList', {
  9. Hi,

    I have an application with a grouped list and I would like to display the amount of records in my group in the header bar of the group itself.

    Is there anyway to do this ?

    I tried...
  10. Hi,

    I have an application (using Sencha Touch 2.0.0), in which I want a "base" view that all my views will extend and in which some common components will be created, here is an example of my...
  11. Ok, nevermind, it works fine, I made a stupid mistake, but just in case it might help others:

    Before calling the
    Android.test() method, I was doing
    if ( instead of
  12. Hi,

    I have an application in which I want to interface with the native Android Java code from my Sencha Touch Javascript code via Cordova (Phonegap). I am using Cordova 1.6.1.
    I did all the...
  13. Hi,

    This might be a dumb question, but I'm starting out with Sencha Touch Charts 2 and I am running into the problem when I add "Ext.draw.Component" to a panel with two circles, like this:

  14. Hi,

    In my app, I have a horizontally scrollable panel and I want to add arrows on each end to indicate to the user that he/she can swipe left and right.
    I am able to make this somewhat work...
  15. It works now, I am still figuring out what was the cause of the problem, since the properties I changed should have no impact.
  16. Hi,

    I have an application in which a list item will expand once tapped and one of the components shown in the expanded list item is a textarea. Now, on my Playbook device, when I try to enter...
  17. That's odd, because I just tried the "allowDeselect:false" and it works fine.

    Thanks Mitchell
  18. Hey Hiro,

    Can you provide some sample code so that I can check ?

    I have the above CSS class property for the panel I want to add, I use a "hbox" layout in my viewport and I add my second...
  19. Thanks for the reply.

    I have this css property:

    -webkit-transition : width 300ms ease-in;

    I use the "setWidth" method of my Ext.Panel subclass (which I create at runtime and add to my...
  20. So there is no workaround to this in ST1.1 ?
    In other words, I cannot use CSS animations for this purpose in ST1, since the layout can not be updated correctly, right ?

  21. Hi,

    I have a panel in my viewport (which has a hbox layout) and after a user interaction, I add a second panel to the right of the first one and I animate the "adding" step by using a CSS...
  22. Replies
    Hi Naga,

    I ended up doing something similar but with my own CSS class so that I can dynamically set this value (left or right) when need be for my own custom component.

  23. Hi,

    When a second itemtap event is fired on a list item which is already selected, is there any way to prevent this list item from being deselected ? The default behavior seems to be that the...
  24. Thanks for the reply
    So if I cannot use the ST clear icon (gray one), how can I listen to the "tap" event on the blue X ?

    Another question, I assume this is resolved in ST 2 since there is no...
  25. Hi,

    When using a "searchfield" inside a toolbar, if I use the "useClearIcon: true" attribute, I get the following results:


    If I remove the "useClearIcon: true" attribute, then I...
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