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  1. if you add event handlers like:
    Ext.get('elementId').on('tap', myFunction);

    calling: Ext.get('elementId').removeAllListeners();
    doesn't remove the hander

    however, this will:...
  2. I was also seeing the same problem and got no response from the Sencha team about it.
  3. I have a panel that just has some random HTML content including text and anchor tags. When viewed on Android (Motorola Droid), the links don't seem to be very responsive. Sometimes it takes three or...
  4. yes, I agree binding links to the "tap" event is a potential solution. it would suck if I had to do all my anchor tags like this though.
  5. I see a similar problem with Android, just regular links are not "tappable". All I am doing is a simple anchor tag:
    <a href="some url" target="_blank">Click Me</a>

    If I try really hard, like...
  6. I think I ran into the same issue here. my anchor tags were not "clickable" in Android... I used this as a work-around and it seems to work:

    myAnchorEl.on('tap', function() {// open a link})
  7. I am using a Ext.Map like this:

    var mapView = new Ext.Map({
    fullscreen: true,
    title: 'Map',
    getLocation: false,
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    I am also noticing re-draw problems on iPod Touch (3.1.3) but even worse is on Droid (2.1), I can't "click" on any of the markers on my map (this is ok on iPhone/iPod touch)
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    Maps: Motorola Droid - the markers on my map are not "clickable". The zoom controls and panning work but I can't, for example, click on the "x" to close a marker or click on the marker to open the...
  10. there were definitely some errors when the fullscreen property was not set on the Map. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should call
    marker.setMap(map); where "map" is the Ext.Map map...
  11. Hi there, I was having a similar problem and I think it might be a bug with Sencha touch. The issue is that fullscreen property must be set on the Ext.Map like this:

    this.theMap = new...
  12. i just checked against other OS/Browsers and it seems it is specific to Windows/Safari. Chrome, FF, Safari load the iframes correctly in Mac... at least this info might be useful to someone else!
  13. I'm trying to load multiple sencha webapps in separate iframes on a single webpage. What I want to do is show an example preview of a sencha webapp using a normal desktop browser. The problem is that...
  14. oh i think i figured it out:

    var tabPanel = new Ext.TabPanel({
    tabBar: {
    scroll: 'horizontal'

    however, I still feel that users will not...
  15. How does one enable the scrolling for the toolbar if it has more buttons than are visible?

    I would personally like to see the "more" icon as an option, or some other indicator that there are more...
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