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  1. What we ended up doing is leaving the nav bar in, adding a CSS class to the view (hide-navbar), and using the following CSS to hide the nav bar:

    .hide-navbar .x-navigation-bar {
    /* Hides...
  2. I have verified this is also an issue on Sencha 2.2.1, build date 2013-05-21 08:48:57 (ed9733df54b93a8cc276c2207eacb9b215f77857).

    The CDN seems to only have 2.2.0 or I would update the fiddle. ...
  3. Using a NavigationView with the config 'navigationBar' set to false works fine in Chrome, but freezes IE10 after pushing the first view.

    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.2.0
    Sencha Touch...
  4. That is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much. Don't know if I ever would have found that on my own.

    For those needing it, I added this to the config of my list:

    scrollable: {
  5. I have a scrolling panel with some content. When you scroll to the bottom of this panel, I have a list that is also scrollable. When I try to scroll the list, the panel it is in scrolls as well. I...
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