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  1. Thanks the only difference is that now I have to add hideOnMaskTap property just like your sample. :)

    Working in Beta 2 (Without hideOnMaskTap)

  2. Hi all, I updated to Beta 3 but now all my floating panels cannot get closed, is there a change in the modal property?

  3. Thanks! I'm sorry for that..
  4. Hi all

    Sencha Touch 2 PR3

    I'm trying to package my app in phonegap but it gives me the cross-domain error:

    This is my app:

    Ext.Loader.setConfig({enabled: true});
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    Thanks for sharing, I had no problems in the implementation
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    TODO (in no order):

    Cell selection
    Custom column renderers
    Paging with animation
    Add features lost in version 2.0b1
    Does it have drag and drop items?
  7. Is there a way of doing this!/example/dd/dragdropzones.html in Sencha Touch 2?
  8. Ok thanks I'ts done with the next code:

    listeners: [ {
    painted: function(){
    this.el.on('tap', function(){ ...
  9. Hi Again

    How could I detect the tap event?

    What I want to do is to load the store when the combo box is tapped not automatically.

    Is there a way of doing this?

    Another question is how...
  10. Hi all, I'm trying to do this:

    I have two selectfields, when I select one in the first one, the second one is filled using the selected value in the first one, I have combobox with stores, and the...
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