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  1. Ah, I resolved this issue on Windows. The problem was that I had invalid CSS file. So you should check your CSS files in validator before compressing.
    But, in Linux (Ububntu) Sencha SDK Tool still...
  2. Hi,

    Later, I built an JS app using Sencha SDK Tools 2.0 beta 2 on Windows using "app build production" command. Everything was perfect, but then I finished my app and tried to compile it one more...
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    I have another problem. I can render disqus comments to any element, but problem is with unique links. Disqus loads comments based on page URL, but Sencha app is one-page app. I've implemented deep...
  4. Hi,

    I have a problem with AddThis too. I'm using Sencha Touch 2 and when I try to paste AddThis code to my app the following happens - buttons are displayed correctly and on desktop everything is...
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