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  1. I encountered the same problem as yours, and solved it by referencing this link:

    The IIS7 needs to support ASP, hope it works for you, too.
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    var view = Ext.create('Ext.NavigationView', { fullscreen: true,
    navigationBar: {
    ui: 'dark',
    docked: 'top',
    items: [{
    xtype: 'button',
  3. Thanks a lot, you saved my day!
  4. I have a freezing white screen before, but it is fixed after using sencha-touch-2.0.1-rc and Sencha Command v2.0.1. Besides, you should also check carefully on your controller.js file. There are some...
  5. I seems to have the same problem. I removed the default loading animation and replaced it with a jpg background-image. The image will be destroyed in app launch function and the main view will be...
  6. Thx! I will have a try.
  7. I am following the Native Packaging Demo from except I copy my "SenchaApp" folder into the "sencha-touch-2.0.1-rc". Because outside...
  8. Print command sencha package generate myiOSConfTemplate.json under my sencha-touch-2 folder and the result is:

    * @cfg {String} applicationName
    * @required
    * This is...
  9. Thanks! Man, I have solved the same error.
  10. Excellent example! Thanks!
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    In my condition, the answer is Yes. Here is my code:

    Ext.define('MyProject.model.MyProjectModel', {
    extend: '',

    config: {
    fields: ['name', 'desc'],
  12. I need to read a complex JSON file showed below:

    "stores": [
    "name": "pizzahut - hk",
    "shopId": "110",
    "detail": {
  13. Thanks for so quick reply. But the red code seems to be wrong from the console output.

    Inspired by you, I change the ref to directly the id of my list variable, and it really works!!! What's...
  14. I am a newbie to Sencha touch 2. Recently I am using Ext.List to create a shop list in my navigation view. Tapping on one list cell could navigate to another view to show the detail information of...
  15. I have one carousel including three panel, and within each panel there is a tap-listened image. Tapping on each image will navigate to another view whose content is different but the structure is the...
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    Hi, I am a newbie to Sencha Touch 2. I have try your method but it turns out to a black square icon. Below is my code:

    @mixin custom-iconmask($name) { .x-tab .x-button.icon.#{$name}, .x-button...
  17. Thanks for pointing this out. It really works!
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