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  1. Hello,

    My application has the need to include different data types for TreeGrid children and parents.
    If doing so it will give problems when creating the column models. However using a single...
  2. Hi again,

    the problem is solved. It was an error inside my code that was overseen.

  3. Hello Community,

    in my program there is a strange error, which I was not able to solve by myself or by existent posts:
    The error is related to TreeGrid. In particular it occures when a data point...
  4. In addition to the above trial a second trial was accomplished. The GridAppearance was customized too. In the GridAppearance a CSS-class, named .scroller is defined for the scrollable element.
  5. Hey ZUTI,

    I am new to GXT so not sure if this is a very qualified or correct answer.
    But maybe try to set the width for the listview.
    I did similar stuff for a tree grid. Scrolling works fine,...
  6. Heyho people,

    I'm having a TreeGrid, for which a scroll bar appears, when it gets too big.
    This works really nice with GXT :) Just fix the height and it'll scrollable.
    As I'm new to CSS and...
  7. Replies
    Hello together,

    currently I am setting up two different Grids in GXT 3.0.1.
    For the first Grid, I have created a customized GridAppearance and added this over the GridView.
    The applied styles...
  8. Hello,

    @Colin Alworth:

    I have followed your advices.
    Implementing an IconProvider in order to provide specific icons instead of overriden the calculateIconStyle()-Method. This works very nice....
  9. Hello Mr. Alworth,

    thanks for your reply. I am quite new to Css und GWT, GXT and so being happy about the kind of information you provided me :)

    It turned out to be clear after looking at...
  10. Hello together,

    currently I am working on a TreeGrid showing some hierarchical data.
    What I need is a customized TreeGrid. It should have customized styles and customized nodeOpen/nodeClosed...
  11. Hi,

    thank you for your answers and sorry for the late reply.

    It turned out to be a bit more tricky to change the color of the progressbar. Setting Css-styles like

    .progressbar {
  12. One way that might work is the following:

    When creating the ColumnConfig for a specific column, it is possible to pass a SafeHtml instance instead of a String, in order to describe the header.
  13. Hi Community,

    i'm quite new to Sencha GXT and really like it.
    Though, I'm having a problem concerning the color of a ProgressBar's cell residing inside a grid.
    I was not able to find hints in...
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