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  1. I want to make combo box either can edit writing or select from the list. I made a test with the codes below but when I enter the writing and blur from combobox,writing is deleting. What can I make...
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    Dear All;

    I want to use hibernate with my GXT projects.

    My Case

    1- I dont want to write sql,
    2- I dont want to write join,
    3- I want to mapping my database on objects and I want to get...
  3. Rebinding
    Checking rule <generate-with class=''/>
    [WARN] Unknown...
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    Dear All;

    Cell grid is have a column resize bug. Colum resizeable but inline widget dont resize (exclude Progress bar);

  5. Thanx for reply icfantv i dont mean maven

    I mean Modular Architecture.

    Everyone must install base module but customer install other modules.

    For Example.
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    Thanx Colin;

    I maked my new dataset structure with your sended link. I dont use json now. I am using List<Map>. and MapValueProvider.

    Thanx for help.

    Best regards
  7. Dear All;

    I want to moduler structure in my newly developing project with gxt3.

    Sample :

    --Base Module
  8. Ok I am make a test case for you. I cant support ticket becaouse i have not a support pack.
  9. Dear Colin;

    I am extending your classes to use on my system easily. File is too big i cant attaching. If you want you can connect my pc with teamviewer. I have made this mechanism with GXT 2.5...

    Dear all

    Live GridView's keyboard navigation support dont work with scroll.

    Problem is
    Step By Step
    1- Go to over last row.
    2- Press...

    Why one row select in group?

    Grid leaking browser in FireFox
  12. Thanx Colin;

    you're right. I re updated GWT Version 2.4 . Dont issue.

    I am begin a new project for my school. This Project is not commercial but i want to develope commercial version. If i...
  13. I solved problem.

    1- I updated GWT version 2.4 to 2.5 RC2
    2- I cleaned Browser Cache/Coockie/etc
    3- I rebuilded application problem is solved.
  14. I have a problem too about this problem. How could you solve this .

    GWT Version : 2.0.4
    GXT Version : 3.0.1 GPL
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    You are a premium user but i am a student and gpl user. You can have premium support. I need only how to use model data object with json. How can i configure data reader and valueprovider for...
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    Then there are 3 ways in front of me

    1- use a ORM Framework as OpenJPA (I think performance cost is expesive. Too hard for my project)
    2- Dynamical create model class. ( I dont know its possible)...
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    First thanks for this brain strom and Sorry for my English.
    I have been using GXT 2 since 2 years ago and i developed two project with that.

    as you know GXT 2 is ModelData base for data...
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    Thanx for reply. Icfantv.

    I very like Java Bean System but as you know, more than one table in the real world. I like Java Bean for insert or update with method but Java bean need per grid by per...
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    Dear all;

    I dont want to use AutoBean with Grids. I want to JSON and ModelData as GXT 2.5. but i dont want migration mode.

    How do make a solutions?
  20. Dear All;

    I want to use treepanel for my menu and i used treestore for my treepanel;

    My ModelType

    ModelType t = new ModelType();
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    Dear Developer Team;

    realy GXT 3 is best for gwt library. I searched in google and sencha web site but i have't a true answer.

    I want to use gxt in a uncommercial mobile application. I looked...
  22. Dear All;

    I want to use LoadFilter class with PagingLoadConfig. I want to make external data filter with LoadFilter class.

    When i am making these following codes there is no request and Loader...
  23. Yes. I know but
    Record's setValid method documents says :
    Sets whether the record is valid (defaults to true). The valid state of a
    record is not modified or changed by the record itself. Both...
  24. Dear all;

    I must row value validation in editor grid.


    I have 3 columns (text1,text2,combo1).
    I want to set text1 cols text editor allow blank is false.

    How can i validate this...
  25. Hi;

    Sorry for my english;

    focus to the next cell in the grid editor the enter key is pressed but If you scroll action, and this process is realized fired editor oncomplate event.

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