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  1. In Ext.Browser (!/api/Ext.browser) MS Edge does not exist and (even worse) Edge uses the fallback, so all the webkit-specific code and CSS-Styles are...
  2. Is there any equivalet to -webkit-mask so that the back buttons look like back buttons in IE and Firefox browsers ?
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    So there will be no extjs 6 equivalent to the current "free commercial license" of sencha touch? I have to choose if I pay for 5 developer commercial license or release my application under GPL :-/
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    This problem is still present with ST 2.4.1 :-(
    Here's the sencha fiddle:
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    The minimal-ui viewport property is no longer supported in iOS 8.

    But you could have a look at...
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    I have discovered 2 problems when adding a web app to the homescreen in iOS8. They can perfectly be reproduced using the kitchensink example (...
  7. The floating panel of a selectfield always has a height of 22em no matter how many options are defined.
    I think the height it should be adjusted to the amount of options so that there is no empty...
  8. Hi fmoseley,
    your fiddle works.
    I was using the sencha-touch-all-compat.js in my code. Perhaps that's the problem. I will try the "non-compat"-version and check if the problem persists
  9. In the example ( the Ext.picker.Date is initialized with value: new Date(), but it does not show the current Date.
    Instead it...
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    I want to create a Ext.util.DelayedTask which calls itself after a specific interval.I tried the following:
    launch: function () {
    var count = 0;
    var task =...
  11. //EDIT:
    My bad... I should create the Ext.field.Select instance within the items[] of my fieldset, then it works as expected :">

    //Original post:

    I found some strange behavior in...
  12. In Sencha Touch 1 I achieved this (similar to the acces of item properties in itemTpl) with

    itemCls = '{cls_property}';
    but if I do this in ST 2

    I just...
  13. Problem solved after I put the xml file into my app/ subfolder.
    I don't understand why this was a problem on android ICS, but now it works :">
  14. Is there a different method to read files within the apk?
  15. Is it possible to parse a local xml file when using ST and phonegap on Android (ICS)?

    I tried it with a store

    var mystore = new{
    model: 'mymodel',
    proxy: {
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    It seems to be a bug in the Android browser. You could use a separate image mask for anchor-bottom /-left /-right instead of rotating the x-anchor as a workaround.
  17. I just testet the forms (toolbars) example of ST 2.0 RC2 on Android 4.0.3.
    If the one of the input fields get focus an ugly white box appears (see attached screenshot).
    It only happens on Android...
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    In the overlays example on Android (4.0.3), there is a problem with x-anchor-bottom: instead of a downward arrow you only see a black square. It seems to have something to do with rotating a mask....
  19. It was my fault. The problem was within my index.html:
    I removed

    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width" />
    now it works as expected...
    -> no problem on iOS :">
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    1,200!/api/Ext.dataview.DataView-method-getNode says "This method has been removed since 2.0.0"
    But is there any replacement for this method ?
  21. I don't think it's related to phonegap since I have the same effect in Safari on iPad1
  22. I have a Ext.SegmentedButton within a panel which is shown after pressing a toolbar button.
    The segmented buttons are filled "externally" by clicking a different button.
    To reproduce this bug I...
  23. It seems that in ST2 RC the style config is being ignored.
    for example in ST1 I can add in /examples/list/src/index.js:182

    style: {'background-color':'red'}
    and my list has a red background.
  24. Hi!
    I just downloaded ST2 RC an tried to migrate my page from 1.1 to 2.0, but I'm facing some problems:
    I have a panel with 2 buttons:
    ST1 Code:

    var b1 = new Ext.Button({
    text: 'Button1',...
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