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  1. I have change my php script, now is more similar to your sugestions but i see again all records in the list and if i tap "load more" the list is duplicare:

    ajax.php on my server

    <?php ...
  2. Ok, i have change somethings in my ajax.php but the pageSize not work, probabily i wrong somethins in th ajax.php .

    Can you help me?

    $custom = array('totalCount'=>...
  3. Itried to add pageSize in config of store but nothing happen, the aja request to my server returns all records and in the app are showind all records.

    this is the code:

  4. Hi, after many searches i have add at the end of my list. To do this i have add in the code the plugin Ext.plugin.ListPaging . So i can't understand how to use the final botton to add other items...
  5. I must say sorry to you. I have try to use, again, the plugin that you sugested me and realy it works very wel. It add a botton at the end of a list. Now my problem is to configure this botton to...
  6. Thanks for reply but apparently your sugestion is deprecate (so say the network debugger of chrome).

    I can't find a solution, apparently is a simple thing but i don't find any documentation about...
  7. in substance with your code i obtained a second toolbar at the bottom of the page while i would to obtain a simple <li></li> or <div></div> at the end of the list.

    I have write another items...
  8. Unfortunatly this is the result of your sugestion, i tried also to insert another item after the store but nothing,

    I don't know how continue with my app, i would that at the end of the...
  9. Hi, i have the same script, showed in Getting Started, to create a list of title from a blog (in my case from a .json file). Now i would to add other things ( for example a button to add other items...
  10. i tried to change the "getting started" example so:

    Ext.define('fantacampioni.view.Blog', {
    extend: 'Ext.navigation.View',
    requires: [
  11. Hi, as title i would to create a page with the list of titles of my blog without feed.

    Ipoteticaly i would to do an ajax request to file.php on my server and shoe in Blog panel the results.

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    Sorry i have find the problem.

    controllers not controller .

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    Hi, i tring to create my first app using the "Getting started" guide.

    Unfortunatly i have a problem with the blog part. I think that my script is correct but i can't to slide the list of title,...
  14. Hi, i'm 2 hours but i can't create a simple, simple thing. i need that the title of my page appear in the middle of header bar, why i can't to this?

    This is my code for my home page:

  15. Hi, i'm very very new in sencha, i try to create a simple app to test the framework and understand how work it.

    immediatly i have a problem. I 'm looking the Getting started video and i have...
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