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  1. From the documentation for method parameter:

    However looking into the code for the request function, method is initialized to "post" so the following code always...
  2. I ran into this error as well in v0.95. On the first call rec is an Element and on the second call it is an Object.
    Here's my quick and dirty work around.

    Ext.regModel('StoredFilter', {
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    I noticed this a while back. It seems that if you fix the window size (i.e. don't allow resize) that you get a different behavior.
  4. OK, here's another clue.

    I found a post ( that suggested disabling getDragData on the base class would correct the problem. ...
  5. I have implemented a custom drag zone for a grid. Overriding the getDragData method it adds an additional member to the drag data object. This works in firefox and safari but not IE (6).

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    The following snippet worked for me:

    initComponent : function() {
    // call parent init component
    Ext.ux.MyWindow.superclass.initComponent.apply(this, arguments);

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