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  1. You can create your own encodeFilters in the proxy definition.

    proxy: {
    // Normal definition here

    // Override proxy encodeFilters to append operator in remote filtering
  2. You may need to update your <object> with wmode="transparent"
  3. For some reason, the icon field isn't defined in the default NodeInterface model. You need to define your own model.

    Searching the forum for tree and icon you can see my post:...
  4. You need to create a custom model instead of the one that NodeInterface creates by default.

    Look at
  5. icon is an option, but it's not in the default model of the TreeStore. Setup your model first and use it in your store.

    Ext.define('Portal.model.Device', {
    extend: '',
  6. Are you sure that you just can't see the stripes? I had the same problem until I changed the alternate color to something a little darker.

    .x-grid-row-alt .x-grid-cell, .x-grid-row-alt...
  7. {
    xtype: 'combobox',
    listConfig: {
    minWidth: 250
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    Your example works fine. I had to set the title separately and make sure to preventHeader, or I'd have additional, unwanted nesting.

    var currentTab = tabpanel.getActiveTab();...
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    I have a navigation tree that displays views in a tab panel once a node is clicked. I can create new tabs and add the view just fine, just can't seem to update an existing tab. The goal is to update...
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