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  1. it really is. I am hurrying, my fault.

    commenting out "buffered: true" in store config made the data 1) available in the grid and 2) not prefetched from server.

    Seems 'buffered' is for the...
  2. oh I'm sorry not to follow the rules. If it needs clarifications, I'll provide them... or maybe other people are experiencing the same problem?
  3. Hi,

    it seems like the getCount method in a Store checks only the data array length. Maybe it should check the pagemap as well.

    I have a problem showing a grid based on the remotely populated...
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    itemTpl doesn't work
  5. thanks!

    I think that my problem is that I have a Form Panel, not just generic Panel Panel :(
  6. hi,

    i can't make the form with border layout in Ext JS 4.0.7

    a little googling told me that there was a problem with it, but it's also told that now we can have any layout in forms.

    anyway i...
  7. for those interested, i made a hacking workaround, see here:
  8. I can't get 4.1 beta 2 working too.

    When loading a treepanel, the Loading grayout sticks over the panel, until I click somewhere; then expanding any of the nodes breaks on method onUpdate of...
  9. I use ext-4.0.7-gpl (in 4.1 beta 2 the tree doesn't load at all)

    As we don't have RowEditing, I added an action column with the add button, to append child, see below.

    The TreeStore is made...
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