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  1. Thnx for thr reply mitchelle. I have corrected my view but my question is
    How to pull the nested data when I click on any item in my dataview related to the item
  2. its a Dataview.
  3. This is my json.

    "Message": [
    "badgeText": "1",
    "senderName": "admin",
    "unread": [
  4. these are my models:

    Ext.define("Sencha.model.MessageNotificationModel", {
    extend: '',
    requires: 'Sencha.model.UnreadModel',
    config: {
    fields: [
  5. Ext.getCmp(" ").setReadOnly(true); ............ works fine for me
    How u r using it?
  6. This is my json.

    "Message": [
    "badgeText": "1",
    "senderName": "admin",
    "unread": [
    "content": "test...
  7. Replies
    try using this "'mailto:'; ".

    This will open the window with all available mailing options.
  8. Hi
    I have list as child item inside carousel. when i swipe on carousel i want to disable vertical scroll of ma list.

    I know this issue has been discussed previously but I have started this...
  9. I think directionLock set to true on list will prevent horizontal scroll in list when scrolling it vertical but wont prevent the drag of carousel
  10. hmmm,
    even if you use badge text on button it wont show anything if value of text is null
    but this problem only comes when we use badge text on list.
    May be because list doesnt has badge text...
  11. I want to use a text area field in my formpanel but its not scrollable on iPad .
    Is there any alternate solution
  12. I have a list on which I want to show some Badge Text but the problem is when the value for this badge text is set to null , it doesn t removes from the list cell but appears as a red thin patch on...
  13. Hey i am using ST2.1 and following the article Taking Sencha touch app offline " " have tried to implement in my app.

    But i m getting...
  14. How can we refresh a view each time it is rendered on screen.
    for example if a view is rendered on screen when button is clicked it should be loaded again on click action of button each time button...
  15. Thanks a lot for the response....
    But fn config property doesnt seems to work correctly in alert()
    So i have used to solve my purpose...

    Pls confrm if the fn parameter wrks in...
  16. After alert I want to navigate from that page on press of OK button on alert.
    But navigation happens first and alert comes after that
    How to resolve this issue......

    my code
  17. I am populating the data in selectfield from database.
    How to get the selected text value from selectfield.

    getValue() does n t wrks here.

    My Model is ....

    Ext.regModel('Reason', {fields:...
  18. Thanks....

    I had to simplify my response to get it working
  19. my json response is like this. how should I make my model class and populate value using itemtpl
    "Orders": {
    "Order": [
    "accountNumber": "282513",
  20. I am also getting the same error...

    How does it matter if we are hosting our app from localhost or live web server.

    I m hosting frm local host
  21. yes, this is my store

    var mwsStore = new{
    id: 'mwsStore',
    model: 'Responsibilities',

    proxy: {
    type: 'ajax',
  22. This is my json response
    "Responsibilities": {
    "Responsibility": {
    "applicationId": "660",
    "operatingUnitId": "474",
  23. How to set color of line chart.

    I mean how we can individually set the color of each line in line chart.
    give an example
  24. can u give an example?
  25. hey , can ny1 help me out in calling ios methods from my sencha file.

    (I have integrated ST wid my xcode using phonegap)
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