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  1. But that won't give me HTML content .it will give me ext.js xtypes.
  2. Hi,

    Yes i need HTML form content as string.Is this possible.

  3. Hi,

    I have a requirement in which user select all fields which they required in form and i have to create a form on the basis of that field configuration
    That field configuration contains all...
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    Hi Guys,

    I have two queries

    1. Binding of model property to xtype properties : I want to bind the properties of xtype to my model fields so that instead of accessing the UI element to change...
  5. Hi Zendo,

    There is no function "destroy" in messagebox.!/api/Ext.window.MessageBox

    Kindly suggest.

  6. Hi,

    I am facing problem with Ext.window.MessageBox.
    what is happening is when i am open messagebox and close it,html of messagebox is still present in dom.
    Is there any way i can remove that...
  7. Hi ,

    Problem with this approach is this will fire before that event trigger and i want my function to be called after item event fires.

  8. Hi,

    I just wanted to knwo is tehre any method in component that calls after any action performed on component or ui element.

    Earlier i was using webdnpro java ,ther they exposed method...
  9. Hi,

    I am facing issue when doing cell edit in grid.
    I assign classes for each cloumn of grid in afterrender method of ext component but when i am doing any action on grid like cell edit or adding...
  10. Hi Scott,

    I have to put my css class after rendering but getRowClass will do during rendering.
    In this case, i will face problem because the class that i am adding actually does not exist .we...
  11. hi ,

    Thank you so much.I will try your solution and update you.As per method description i think i will achieve what i was trying to do.
    Just one question ,why i am not bale to track rows of grid...
  12. Hi ,

    I want to put some class on afterrender function of components.
    So i am using grid view to enter information or update information .So to achieve this i want to put a unique class
    in each...
  13. Hi ,

    I just want to know when we should use lazy instantiation and what are the pros and cons of lazy

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    Hi ,
    I was looking into window example!/example/window/window.html
    and found that this example is using some region but i did not get use of this.

    Could you...
  15. Hi Scott,

    If you see mt atachment in last reply you can see that in your feeder example link we can se that exttra coloumn is coming.I just wanted to know why it is coming and what is intention...
  16. 34246
  17. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for reply.
    Actually what i want to know is that when you creating any UI element then instead of giving config value in JSON object can we use methods to do that ,like

  18. Hi,

    I have a requirment that look like

    1.Grid panel
    2.Total Coloums 10 ,but initially show 4 only.
    3.If user want to see other 6 coloumns then he can show/hide at run time.
    4.If user select...
  19. Hi ,

    I worked on some UI technologies where they provide row repeater UI element.
    This row repeater works as follows
    1.Create a layout that contain all UI elemnts like i add...
  20. Hi,

    1.why this one add extra coloumn in grid panel .
    2.If i am using plugin type rowexpander then can be descibe any items in rowBodyTpl like checkbox ,image etc.If not then what all possible...
  21. Hi,

    Is there any methods available to set config options.Like i create a text field using ext.create but i have not found any method in ext.form.field.text that add or set label for text field
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    Hi Scott,

    Thank you o much for such useful info.
    I will do whatever you suggested.

  23. Hi Scott,

    I am confused now.

    1. There is no property 'region' available in panel container.
    i checked here!/api/Ext.panel.Panel

    2.In last thread i asked...
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    Hi Scott ,

    Thanks for info.
    I am going through examples only and also check api's that used in examples and i easily understanding the properties and config that used in examples but i want to...
  25. Hi,
    what is the difference between config and properties of api.
    Kindly help me in understanding this in details

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