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  1. Just add comma in the below code.. it works fine.
  2. Facing the same Error while Resizing the Regions in the Border Layout
  3. try the following

    init:function() {
    var me=this;
    var myStore = this.getPersonStore();
    myStore.on('load', me.myHandler);
  4. Download link not working
  5. Thank you for the extension.
  6. When used in Editor Grid,
    1) Add/Edit for the first time works fine.
    2) When Add/Edit a second record, the selected dates of the first record (previously selected) dates are selected default.
  7. //this should work.
    listeners:{ afterrender:function(){ alert("Rendered"+alpha1stCol[i]);

  8. if you specify html it is a content of the panel (rendered as child)
    if you specify items it is also rendered as child item

    so use proper layout and design it.
  9. Ext.getCmp('alphaPanel1').add({html:"<a href='#'><b>"+alpha1stCol[i]+"</b></a> ",border:false, margin:'5 10 5 10',listeners:{click:function(){//code here.}}});
  10. I am building a dynamic form builder with EXTJS 4.1
    I have a property grid with some properties. and a preview of a component (in this case a number field).
    On edit of the properties, i would like...
  11. @OneToMany(fetch = FetchType.EAGER,orphanRemoval = true,mappedBy="questionOption")
    private List<OptionProperty> optionProperties=new ArrayList<OptionProperty>(0);

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    A Fix could be provided..
    and can be moved to 3.3.3 bugs.
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    I see a different behavior in Number Formatting..

    Ext.util.Format.number(-2.842170943040401e-14, "0,000.00")

    This returns "-0.00" (!) Which is not a expected behavior..
    i expect the result...
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    Is there a way to display the grid editors always in all the rows

    as in the image
    Original post as in :...
  15. Yes , I Too came across such requirements.
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    Which is a good use of EXT JS.


    Which one of the following is the correct approach..

    Approach 1:

    var col1={
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