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    MonthPicker for past Months only.

    I need a monthpicker (monthfield) only for the past months,i.e,the month picker must show only those months and year that are allready passed. Please help me to find a solution for this as soon as...
  2. Copy contents from a form and save it as a new row in the grid after minor edits.

    I need to implement copy record functionality in a grid. For that first when I right click on a record in a grid, a 'copy window' must pop up (basically a form)with all the records of the particular...
  3. hi... i'm looking for the same..

    i'm looking for the same..
  4. Highlight a word in a extjs page by comparing it with words in database.

    I need to create some advertisements with some text contents in it in a page called addcreation page,for some company. It's the company who ,depending on their like and dislike, approves the...
  5. thank you for your reply:):):)

    thank you for your reply:):):)
  6. validations that accepts special characters and alphanumeric characters.

    I have a text field and I need to accept special characters and alphanumeric characters as input for this text field. please help me to write the validation for this.
  7. calculate weekly recurrent frequency of an event within a start date and end date.

    I have two date fields to get start date and end date and seven check boxes for each day in a week(Sunday, Monday, etc). what I need is to calculate the recurrent frequency of a particular event,...
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