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  1. [OPEN] This bug affects date field component

    If I'm trying to use the date field with "M Y" format, and I select "Feb 2012", as soon as I blur out of the field, it automatically changes it to "Mar 2012".

    If somebody is relying on the current...
  2. [FIXED] If paramsAsHash is true, but an load function takes no arguments, fail

    in Ext.form.action.DirectLoad.getArgs(), there is a small problem.

    If paramsAsHash is set to true, but there are no params, and the load function does not take any params, it still adds an empty...
  3. request undefined on line 27638 of sencha-touch-debug-w-comments.js

    If you look at this, it's clear that request would have to be referencing a global variable. it should be changed to "r".

    abort : function(r) {
    if (r && this.isLoading(r)) {
  4. A patch

    This patch has a slightly better fix than I proposed above.

    It instead sets the properties equal to the new record's phantom and dirty values.

    This makes sense since the current record has...
  5. This is a BUG in Sencha Touch.

    sencha-touch-debug-w-comments.js -- line 7721 - the callback is defined in

    dirty and phantom aren't changed in the callback on the original model. So the original model will still be...
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