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  1. Cool thanks!

    Okay looks like that works in my tests thanks! Hmm, I wonder what the disadvantage of using as a component is other than the bloat of the entire library etc. You'd think sencha would market the use...
  2. Use sencha extjs component in non sencha based app

    Hello I was wondering if it's possible to use a sencha component like the grid in a javascript app that is not sencha based. All the examples I see require sencha taking control of the entire page...
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    Auto create back button - use treestore

    Hello, I'm strugging with this as well.. I believe the only way to get a build in back button is to use a treestore to hold the cards like so (taken from the nelstrom toolbars and tabs demo):

  4. Any luck?

    I'm trying to do the exact same thing and running into some issues loading it properly into the list. Also want to load the child item on click. Thanks.
  5. fix for this.mutliselects is null

    This was tripping me up too. Looks like most of the examples out there are not for ext 3+, where you need to define the multiselects inside the itemselector like so:

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