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  1. Ext 4.2 Template 'GridChart' does not display anything in the design view

    On Windows on Architect build 1130, I cannot see anything in the 'Display' screen for the 'GridChart' template.
    I can see code (controllers, models etc).

    Other templates showed ok.
  2. Great. Thank you.

    That works.
    I also found the over-ride, which I guess we can use when other parts of the model etc are already coded elsewhere.
  3. Can I paste JSON data objects directly into Architect to quickly create data stores?

    I have an existing web service that is providing many types of Json responses to Ajax requests.
    We can get this working with Sencha without problem.
    However, when I try paste this...
  4. Cannot build

    Hi Mitchell,
    Thank you for the information about the build. I did not realise that.
    However, I am not sure it is relevant in our case, as we can't make a build at release time.
    On our system,...
  5. Dynamic architectures: MVC or Ext Loader? Ext.application or Ext.onReady?

    I am trying to make an architectural decision on whether to use MVC, or the more traditional Ext.onReady model with Ext Loader.

    We have a larg-ish system where available menus vary by...
  6. Replies

    Something like this?

    I just came accross this today.
    Not ExtJS, but he describes how he uses <divs> with JQuery, and this may give you some ideas...
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