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    touch events iPad text-input : don't exist?

    I'm just starting to delve into touch-programming. It looks as though text-input elements don't fire touch events on the iPad in Safari, at least not ones your javascript can listen for. Is that...
  2. feature request: lightweight listview with checkbox selection mode

    Never mind == was looking for it under Grid but found it under Views
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    Google Chrome Frame in IE8 with ExtJS

    This is a heads-up that Google Chrome-Frame and IE8 seem to play nicely together with ExtJS.

    I've installed Google Chrome frame in IE8 because...
  4. Adios, muchacho.

    Adios, muchacho.
  5. As I am new to both ExtJs and Ext Designer, it...

    As I am new to both ExtJs and Ext Designer, it won't be clear to me what is causing an issue. Perhaps the config object wasn't being properly set up by the Designer? How could I know? But I will...
  6. [INFOREQ] form displays very screwy in IE8 but fine in FF, Opera, and Chrome

    Win XP Pro, IE 8.0.6001.18702
    Ext Designer

    Please see attached screen capture of FF on left and IE8 on right.
    I can provide my external CSS file and the ui.js file if you require it.
  7. [INFOREQ] error: b.replace is not a function; ext-base.js line 7

    Not sure what to make of this error.
  8. Slider inside HBox : centering and spacing issues

    I am going to assume that a Slider cannot go inside a CompositeField because the Designer won't let it happen.
    So I'm putting one, along with two other components, inside an HBox. I want them to be...
  9. what components can go inside a CompositeField?

    Are only Form Fields allowed inside a CompositeField? Or can a Slider go beside a Number Field inside a CompositeField?
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    progress bar in toolbar?

    In the designer, progress bar is not one of the components in the Toolbar section. Is it impossible to put a progress bar in a toolbar?
  11. css selector for the label associated with a particular checkbox?

    Checkbox and their labels are being rendered by Ext Designer not with the nested label syntax but with the "for={id}" syntax, like this:

    <div id="ext-gen###" ... >
    <input id = "foo" ... >...
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    When I applied "margin-left: auto; margin-right:...

    When I applied "margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; text-align: center" to the CompositeField itself, after assigning its three sibling components 1,2,1 flex ratio respectively, the components all...
  13. [CLOSED-126] Export Code to Disk not honoring export path in preferences
    WinXP Pro.

    And also a feature request: the export buttons (Export Project, Export Code to Disk) should have tooltips showing the export path.
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    [CLOSED] CompositeField centering plus flex

    Put a combo, a textfield, and a checkbox inside a composite field. In css, set the composite field to center its contents with margin-left:auto; margin-right: auto; text-align: center.

    So far so...
  15. [CLOSED] default style applied to CheckBox boxLabel inside a CompositeField different

    I put a checkbox inside an HBox and a checkbox inside a CompositeField and the default font-size for their boxlabels is not the same. When inside a CompositeField it gets a larger font.
  16. Works in new version downloaded this morning. :)

    Works in new version downloaded this morning. :)
  17. help with layout of hbox containing three checkboxes

    I am a little in the dark about how to center three checkboxes across the top of my form so that they remain centered when the form is resized:

    [ ] Prose [ ] Verse [ ] Gloss

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    Will the needed changes be dynamically...

    Will the needed changes be dynamically incorporated into the designer somewhat like a Firefox plug-in upgrade, or is it going to entail a reinstallation of the designer package?
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    why isn't cycleButton in the Designer?

    Why isn't the cycleButton in the Designer? When you at ExtJs create a new component, how does it get imported into the Designer?
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    link to an external css stylesheet in Preview?

    Is there a way to attach an external stylesheet to the Preview?
  21. dragging Windows: how to keep window within bounds?

    Is there a setting in the config that will keep an Ext.Window from being dragged completely "off the page"? Or does the developer have to intercept the drag operation? Thanks

    Edit: Overlooked the...
  22. Thanks for these suggestions.

    Thanks for these suggestions.
  23. any intelligent javascript editors for working with Config objects?

    Are there any javascript editors out there that can help keep configs well-formed by parsing the config object as you type and noting places where a semi-colon or a closing brace is missing? I am...
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    @Animal. Thank you --indeed the functionality I...

    @Animal. Thank you --indeed the functionality I was looking for -- though I'm still in the dark about method signatures for handlers.

    Edit: though I think I've found what I was looking for, i.e....
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    help understanding the docs for Split Button

    I am just now taking my first toddling steps with the ExtJS library, and need a little help on how to use the documentation. For example, on a Split Button, I want to change the SplitButton's .text ...
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