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    Any updates?

    Can someone from the Sencha team officially confirm this, and the status of service?
  2. Cannot get the detail card working

    I do not seem to have the detail (flip) card working....
    Can anyone help? I dont think this is anywhere in the documentation.
    Thanks in advance :)
  3. So I've kinda got a workaround: I define my json...

    So I've kinda got a workaround:
    I define my json data as a variable , say "data" in the treestore component, and pass it as the value of parameter "root" ... so it looks like
  4. Result of expression 'c' [undefined] is not an object

    I'm getting similar error, even with the code that I have downloaded from the github repo for the example "Intro to the Nested List Component"
    TypeError: Result of expression 'c' [undefined] is not...
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