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  1. What is the best way to define web service entry in the project

    Hi All,

    I am developing mobile application in sencha touch 2.x.x. The problem i am facing is defining web service entry in the project. Right now my web service entry is in the store with proxy...
  2. What is the difference between sencha touch 2.1.0 commercial and GPL version


    Please inform me if anyone knows whats the difference between sencha touch 2.1.0 commercial version and sencha touch 2.1.0 GPL version, why they made saperate and as well both they provide...
  3. How to change color of Done and Cancel button of select Field

    // Hi i am using sencha touch 2.0 framework . I used select field in my project the thing is that i need to change the color of done and cancel button of the select field. But those picker buttons...
  4. Sencha touch style application not working in android 4.0.3.

    //Hi All, I developed the application in sencha touch 2.0 which is property app in that i need to create one menu like page which i created using the following link...
  5. How to navigate different to view in "callback" method

    //Below is my call back method on success i need to navigate to //different view.provide some solution that i need to navigate to //different view.This logic i need in login module so that on...
  6. Are you testing above in simulator or device

    Because document.addEventListener("deviceready", onDeviceReady, false) mostly works in device ..
  7. Replies

    Pull and refresh adding new record with old record as well ..

    //Below is my list em binding data from web service call

  8. How to generate up and down swipe event on toolbar

    // I am able to generate left and right swipe functionality on toolbar but its not working on up and down swipe. Here is my code from view first i am creating toolbar

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