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  1. did you follow this guide?
  2. Put this in your controller.

    listen: {
    store: {
    '#MyStore': {
    storeevent: 'MyMethod'
  3. To monitor the JVMs you need to use something like the JMX interface. You would then just return the data to your ext app. Have a look at this...
  4. Why not just have the token in a hidden field in the form when its submitted?
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    Good info!
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    Mitchell can you please explain why activeTab needs to be in the config? I would have never thought that would be necessary from a documentation standpoint and just wondering what other situations...
  7. The problem with the fiddle is it's not really doing a real ajax request/response action. In a real application it would use the model's proxy to send a request for the model instance using the id...
  8. I made a fiddle to show this
  9. If you want to load a single record do it as part of the view creation using the linkTo() method when you create the view.

    So for example if you click a record in a store you will have the id of...
  10. Just note that in a real app you need to have all requires:[] config set up to pull in your models, viewmodels, viewcontrollers, etc...
  11. Here you go.
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    See this thread.

    There is no mention of an "id" property in the...
  13. I added id:'base' and it works.
  14. Can you explain a bit more about the schema ID? I did not see that as a config option in the doc.
  15. I am struggling to figure this one out and it seems like a bug to me.

    If you look at this fiddle I have a base model with a schema. I have a grid model that is extending the base model and it...
  16. Did you put the path to where you unpacked extjs like in my post above?
  17. The class configs was bad copy/paste. If I remove the rootProperty the tree works but it breaks all my other models because I send data back using root. So how do I specify the root property for...
  18. It appears that a Tree model can't extend a base model that has a schema. In fact the Tree models don't seem to like a base model with schema even if it's not extending it.

    Recreate by visiting...
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    So a thread full of desperate people...count me in I guess. I've had to resort to nightlies and its regression bug after regression bug...frustrating.
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    Can Sencha please provide an update on ETA for the 5.1.1 release?
  21. it.
  22. Well...believe it or not. I have fields in my production app that have references using a hypen and it's woroking fine! I added a textarea to one of my forms today and got this error so assumed it...
  23. Please see the following fiddle and look at the console. Apparently you can't use hyphens in the reference config for a textarea field.

    error: Ext.mixin.Bindable.applyReference(): Invalid...
  24. Well I have tried everything I can think of but still get the same result. White splitter bar and the error

    [W] targetCls is missing. This may mean that getTargetEl() is being overridden but not...
  25. As another test i loaded up a clean VMware machine installed all the sencha stuff needed. Build an app and had the same result. I even used cmd version

    This is on windows by the way.
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