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    hi, does anyhone has an actual 2.4 Cart-Version...

    hi, does anyhone has an actual 2.4 Cart-Version for Architect please ? thx
  2. Load different views with different buttons

    hi, i am new to ST and would like to load 2 simple views (or lists) with to different stores depending on button which i have clicked, similar to the example here:...
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    ist that complicated, in SA 3.0 there was...

    ist that complicated, in SA 3.0 there was function to implement this automatically. And now with the cordova and phonegap i have to generate a lot of image files by hand with Photo Shop ? LOL . SA...
  4. Installed Sencha Architect 3.1 with Sencha Touch 2.4 missing native Packaging Android


    i've successflully installed SA3.1 and ST 2.4 , but missing now the build tools for Android. Java,Ruby and ANT are also installed succ. (green). Android-SDK is also installed, but there isn't...
  5. Sencha Touch Android native packaging with Architect generates empty apk file


    i have successfully created a default ST Project. But if build a native package with an .apk file it is always 0 KB ? JAVA_HOME and Path Vars has been set properly. Android SDK with the...
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