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  1. have same problem... pls help...... :(
  2. Resolved in that way works but it not very well... it "looks unstable" on the panel!!! :)
    any suggestion? pls help!

    FormPanel fp...

    hourField = new...
  3. Hi to all,
    i'm trying to insert into a form panel a very simple textield combination:
    i want to put INTO a FormPanel 2 textField in that way

    HH: [_] MM: [_]

    but i have some problem... i used...
  4. It works! Thanks a lot ;)
  5. Hi to all it's possibile to insert a button into a FormPanel? For example:

    FormPanel fPanel = new FormPanel();

    fPanel.add( /*some texfields */ );

    fPanel.add(new Button("MyButton"));
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    Yes the method that u suggested works, thanks :)
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    I have the same problem. I have to use a FileUpload widget into a GXT formpanel...
    someone suggest to me to use GWT FileUpload into Gxt... i'm trying to do it but without success.

    it doesn't...
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